Fix Application Error 0xc0000005

Windows users are plagued by Application Error 0xc0000005 on a regular basis. The inability of your system to run a specific programme or to install something by processing specific files and settings is one of the most common causes of this error.

In addition to this, you may see this error owing to other computer problems, such as a lack of RAM, corrupt files, or erroneous system settings. To fix this Application Error 0xc0000005, use the following four methods.

How To
How To

How to Fix an Error in an Application 0xc0000005

Preventing the occurrence of this Application Error 0xc0000005 is the most effective way to deal with it once you’ve encountered it.

Afterwards, they’ll help you get rid of the virus and prevent it from reoccurring on your computer. The rundowns listed below will assist you in avoiding and eliminating this error.

1. Stop DEP (Data Execution Prevention)

Code execution from non-executable discs and memory segments is prevented by Microsoft’s Data Execution Prevention security mechanism.

That said, even if it was meant to be a beneficial thing, it could still be the cause of this problem. Try disabling Data Execution Prevention, which can be done in one of two ways: either by following the steps below or by requesting an authentic update from the developer’s team.

Step 1: Once you’ve opened the Run dialogue box, press Windows Key + R to begin the process.

Step 2: Enter’sysdm.cpl’ in the dialogue box and press Enter.

Step 3: Once you’ve done this, you’ll see a new tab called “System Properties.” Go to the Advanced Settings in that menu. It’s time to open up the Performance Options window now! The Data Execution Prevention tab can be found there.

Step 4: Then, select “Turn on DEP for all services and apps except those I pick” and then press “Add”.To fix Application Error 0xc0000005 after this, select the application from the list that is causing the error and then click on the checkbox.

Step 5: To complete the process, click Apply and then OK.

2. Refurbishing Windows 

As a last resort, you can attempt this procedure if the previous one doesn’t work. Error 0xc0000005 can be easily removed from any computer using this method.

For small problems with your computer, you may simply update Windows, but there is a problem known as Windows Update not Working. Refurbishing your Window is the next best alternative. To use this approach, follow the procedures outlined below.

Go to Properties by selecting This PC from the context menu of the right-clicked icon. The Advanced System Settings are located in the centre of the screen, to the left of the Start button.

Next, in the new window that appeared, pick System Restore from the drop-down menu under System Protection. Following the on-screen instructions and selecting the Restoration Point is all that is required now.

3. Setting up or Repairing Registries 

Certain software, hardware, application, and programme features and options are stored in registries for usage by the user. If these registers are often installed or uninstalled, they could become corrupted and become useless.

As a result, it’s critical that these registers are meticulously repaired. As a result, the steps listed below can be used to accomplish the same result.

Step 1: Download CCleaner, a free anti-malware programme.

Step 2: First, download and set up the application, and then launch it.

Step 3: Go to the left panel and look for the Registry label. Then, click Scan for problems to do an inspection.The search will begin, and a list of corrupted registries will be provided after it is complete.

Step 4: To fix the registry errors, select Fix Selected Issues and then close the application. Check to see whether the problem with Application Error 0xc000005 has been fixed by restarting your computer system.

4. Removing Corrupted RAM Memory 

Memory problems may be one of the causes of your computer’s Application Error 0xc0000005. Even if you’ve purchased a new RAM, you may still be experiencing the same problem. To fix the Application Error 0xc0000005, follow the procedures outlined in the following section.

Step 1: First and foremost, turn off your computer.

Step 2: Secondly, you must simply remove the newly inserted RAM.

If the Application Error 0xc0000005 error still occurs, perform one final restart of your machine.

In the event that you’re using a laptop, make sure to remove the battery before following these instructions.


Here, you will find all the finest remedies to this Application Error 0xc0000005 that you can think of. This error used to be difficult to fix, but now you don’t have to worry about it anymore because this article has everything you need to fix it once and for all.

Before applying any of the solutions, make sure you’ve read through them all and the associated procedures thoroughly.