A Al Rashidi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

With a broad grin hiding behind his bushy beard, Abdullah Al-Rashidi took out a Kuwaiti flag from his pocket and slung it across his broad shoulders.

A Al Rashidi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A seven-time Olympian, the 58-year-old put the black, red, green, and white fabric around his face, kissed the corner, and raised his arms before waving to the crowd.

According to Olympic rules, competitors are not allowed to wave their flags before receiving their medals.

A Al Rashidi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

This made no difference to A Al Rashidi. He won a second consecutive bronze medal in skeet shooting, and he was eager to finally represent Kuwait after not being recognised as a Kuwaiti athlete in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro five years prior.

After winning the skeet final on Monday at the Tokyo Olympics, A Al Rashidi commented, “I am pleased too much to see my Kuwaiti flag and second Olympic gold.”

Five years ago, A Al Rashidi waded into the Rio skeet range crowd waving his arms and pumping his fists to energise the predominantly Brazilian audience.

The three-time world champion who, in his spare time, trains falcons, shot well in his maiden Olympic final and rode the excitement of the crowd to a bronze medal.

Al-Rashidi Celebrated his Bronze Medal Victory

A Al Rashidi celebrated his bronze medal victory in Rio by throwing his arms in the air, stooping on his knees, and kissing the ground. The Portuguese-speaking throng screamed, “Ole, ole, ole, Mustache!” as he stood and threw his cap into the air.

The only downer is that he wasn’t recognised as a Kuwaiti athlete but rather as an independent.

A Al Rashidi and his teammates from Kuwait had to compete at the Rio Olympics as an independent team because the IOC had suspended the country’s national Olympic body for political interference.

Last Words

A Al Rashidi won a second consecutive bronze medal by keeping a steady hand and hitting 46 of 60 targets while competing against shooters half his age.

Despite the small number of supporters who were allowed inside Asaka Shooting Range, he was a huge hit with them all because to his constant waving and fist-pumping. Thanks for reading our article A Al Rashidi celebrated his bronze medal victory.