A. Nishimura Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Momiji Nishiya, a 13-year-old skateboarder from Japan, won the gold medal in the women’s street skateboarding event at the Olympics. She was overcome with emotion after successfully completing her final trick.

A. Nishimura Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Two more young women, ages 13 and 16, joined her on the Olympic podium with her on Monday, proudly donning silver and bronze medals after landing acrobatics that most kids their age only see on Instagram.

A. Nishimura Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Rayssa Leal of Brazil won silver, becoming him the country’s second skateboarder to do so after Kelvin Hoefler of Brazil placed second in the men’s event on Sunday. Funa Nakayama of Japan won bronze.

When she found that she had won gold, Nishiya was so overjoyed that she burst into tears.

Nishiya stated she was “stressed out” after fumbling and missing important landings on her first two tricks, but she landed her final three, receiving 4.66 on her fourth, and ultimately beating out the Brazilian prodigy Leal.

A. Nishimura Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Struggle in the Finals

Aori Nishimura, Nishiya’s 19-year-old teammate, surprisingly struggled in the finals, falling and finishing last each time.

Nakayama, the bronze medalist, said she hoped the success of the Japanese skateboarders would encourage more young women to take up the sport. She used to take an overnight bus to Tokyo from Toyama in central Japan solely to practise skateboarding.

Skating would be more enjoyable if she had more opponents, she reasoned.

Last Words

Nishimura is currently ranked 3 in the women’s street division of World Skate. Since the top 16 finishers receive automatic entry for the Olympics, participation in the 2021 Tokyo Games appears assured.

Nishimura, however, is not one to take anything for granted after everything she has gone through. Thanks for reading our article for more information about the A. Nishimura Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Keep reading, and I hope today treats you well.