Adam Siao Him Fa 2022 Winter Olympics

BEIJING — It all begins with Darth Vader’s breath reverberating off the frozen river.

Finally, a lightsaber step sequence to a hip-hop cover of “Imperial March” caps off the video.

Adam Siao Him Fa 2022 Winter Olympics

Yes, French skater Adam Siao Him Fa used Star Wars music for his short programme at the 2022 Winter Olympics on Tuesday. The performance was an upbeat medley of Star Wars themes, complete with the sounds of blasters and the buzz of lightsabers. And he dressed the part, too, donning garb inspired by the Jedi.

Adam Siao Him Fa 2022 Winter Olympics

Skating and Star Wars fans alike went wild for the routine, which catapulted 21-year-old Siao Him Fa into the next round. Two of his three jumps landed, giving him an 86.74 for the short programme and a spot in Thursday’s free skate at the men’s solo competition.

Asked what he thought of the music choices, he remarked, “I feel there is a lot of energy I can deliver,” referring to the hip-hop interlude near the end. “Even though it’s different, it’s a pleasant change.”

Siao Him Fa stated he and his instructors Laurent and Nathalie Depouilly and choreographer Benoît Richaud came up with the song, which is arranged by Maxime Rodriguez, at the start of the season. They sought a design that would make him stand out while still highlighting his skills as a skater.

We wanted something new and well-known, as Siao Him Fa put it.

The 21-year-old claimed that one day, Richaud instructed him to skate to a remix of the iconic Imperial March, which featured the foreboding melody of the original set against a hip-hop beat. He did. I liked it right away,” he said.

The remaining arrangement was then constructed, including themes and melodies from other Star Wars songs. And the hip-hop version was saved until the end, making for a rousing coda.

Since joining the French national squad in 2016, Siao Him Fa has been preparing for matches in Courbevoie, a suburb of Paris. At the 2019 European Figure Skating Championships, he skated to a 12th-place finish.

Last Words

Skating to music that was a far cry from the solemn, classical music of old, Siao Him Fa likely gained a lot of new admirers on Tuesday, despite the fact that he is not anticipated to contend for a medal at the Olympics. A lot of you might be wondering if he likes movies, and the answer is yes.

I’ve seen them all, he proclaimed. “This is fantastic! thanks for reading our article Adam Siao Him Fa 2022 Winter Olympics.