9 Best Alternatives to Anilinkz

Finding a reliable website to stream favorite anime shows is very difficult, especially due to substantial ISP restrictions and shut down issues. One of the reliable websites was Anilinkz, but due to the frequent drop-off issue with its search engines, anime fans are left confused to look for new alternatives to watch anime and get updated with the new episodes. The post below will address the best alternatives and websites for Anilinkz, highlighting their key features, pros, cons, and others.

The history of anime is now more than a century-long. The word anime, derived from Japanese culture, is a compilation of unique animated series and films that introduce watchers to the distinct, detailed world and intense creation of characters. Anilinkz diligently followed the journeys of those characters, but now it’s time to look at other websites that offers the same streaming experiences.

What is Anilinkz?

There are a plethora of anime streaming websites and each one has some unique features, thus among anime fans there was always a tendency to place them all in an extensive library that can easily be browsed and watched online.

Animelinkz understood this requirement and fulfilled the desire of anime fans by doing exactly the same and surpassing the expectations of other incomplete anime streaming websites.

Anilinkz sponsored the ads on its pages and offered free content to users at all times, without any registration requirements. Users could access various genres, get informed about what anime is about, and watch various series ranging from mini-series consisting of just a few episodes to hundreds of episodes of major players.

Unfortunately, Ailinkz moved to aniwatchers.com, rendering it unavailable to many of those who enjoyed watching anime. That said, the list of websites where one can watch their favorite anime for free, or for a minimum subscription, is compiled below

9 Best Alternatives to Anilinkz

Below is the list of the 9 best alternatives to Anilinkz to watch anime content mostly free. Be sure to have them checked out!

1. AnimeSimple

Anime Simple is an excellent choice for watching anime and knowing new people online. With new episodes being uploaded and featured every day on a slider on the front page, users can browse hundreds of titles. Anime Simple also chooses and displays a random anime for watching under its recommendations title.

The website navigation is easy and intuitive. It works for free and does not require users to create an account to watch online anime. It’s worth noting that one can make an account to access the premium features such as save anime to watch it later, add favorites or rate an episode. Another fascinating aspect is that users can tailor this website to both dark and light themes.

On each tab, there’s also a dedicated comment section where users can discuss and review various episodes. Anime Simple also has a dedicated team of developers who make patch notes on the website’s sidebar in the form of open-source improvements they make to the website. The only downside is that the website is overloaded with unmonitored commercials, which many a time are very inappropriate especially for children.

2. AnimeTake

Anime Take is perfect if one is looking for an anime-streaming platform that can deliver a great range of genres and a massive anime library. Anime Take’s search algorithms operate in such a way that it allows the user to pick a genre and then search for tags. Users can use sort anime search by popularity, ranking, recently added, and much more.

While there are some latest anime series, some of which are even available in an English-dubbed version, most of the titles are quite old. This is good for users who want to know how 10 or 20 years ago the anime industry worked. Those who want to stay up to date with the anime titles of the current year, however, can hardly find what they are searching for on this platform.

The quality of the video is fine, and users can choose whether to show subtitles or dubs. However, a lot of ads can pop up after pressing the Play button, which can irritate you and ruin your viewing experience. But, as far as the content quantity and free accessibility are considered, it is worth the try.

3. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is one of the best alternatives to Anilinkz where one can find a multitude of different genres and anime titles. This site’s most appealing quality is its intuitive and user-friendly UI, which makes it easy for users to browse and check for titles to watch. The interface is also designed for mobile devices, so whether one owns a smartphone or a tablet, they don’t have to worry.

The material found on this website is totally free and legal, but only available to Australian and New Zealand users. The owners of the website have a partnership with the Japanese anime producers, who offer their content completely ad-free in exchange.

4. Nyaa

Nyaa is another amazing website for watching anime online. Although, it doesn’t have the most innovative-looking UI, so getting used to it could be somewhat frustrating for new users.

It still has a huge anime library, with new episodes and titles updated each day. The positive thing about this website is that, while users need an account to do that, they can also use it to upload anime and contribute.

Apart from irritating pop-up advertising, one of the downsides is that certain anime titles are listed in Kanji, being totally unreadable for users who don’t understand Japanese at all. The most common and most recent titles are readily filtered and sorted by anime.

5. HorribleSubs

Horrible Subs is an original website and offers accurate anime content, with reliable subs and dubs available. One can choose between different titles and genres that are described on the website alphabetically. Apart from that, it provides awesome video quality ranging from 400 to 1080p. The website is wholly supported by ads although they are not major trouble for viewers.

It is advisable to use a VPN server to watch through this site as it is not entirely legal. It is also interesting that each anime comes with a long overview that introduces the story. A comment section is also available that serves for comment and feedback.

6. KissAnime

KissAnime is a well-known website for anime streaming and continues to grow its catalog and wide community, owing to its outstanding content. Many people favor KissAnime because it provides a wide range of features, such as easy navigation, mobile device support, dedicated chatting space for discussions, features for manga reading, and more.

KissAnime is free to access and is funded by displaying ads. Ads help drive website revenue, but there is a lot of offensive content, so be careful. The quality standard of the video is decent, each anime has a summary, accurate English subs are available and much more.

7. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is a popular name among anime lovers that comes very close to Anilinkz when it comes to features and content depth. With an extensive anime library that has been growing for over ten years, it’s a great place for watching dubbed anime episodes.  AnimeFreak is free for everyone. It boasts excellent video quality, accurate subtitles, and much more.

On AnimeFreak, users can easily sort their favorite content, filtering by recently added, most popular, genre, year of release, and more. Other online anime content, such as trailers, manga, visual novels, etc., can also be found on AnimeFreak.

8. AnimeLand

Animeland caters to fans of anime who choose dubs to watch. It also offers the most popular anime titles on the homepage, but one can also navigate to the dubbed anime list as well. It has anime series of various genres, as well as all-favorite classics such as Dragonball Super, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, and others.

This website is funded by advertising, so expect a lot of them to pop up with every click, particularly after hitting the Play button. Nevertheless, all content is free, and registration is not required.

9. Masterani

With a simple user interface and a search bar, Masterani is a popular website for streaming anime. There are two sections from which one can access their favorite content: anime movies and anime series. Not only typical anime films and episodes but also other interesting animated material are listed here.

With the 1080p resolution of the content streamed, users also have options to choose between subtitles and dubbed content in English. The website runs commercials, so expect plenty of pop-ups. Masterani is growing significantly and is becoming a preferred website to switch from Anilinkz.


In order to facilitate anime fans to watch quality anime in dubbed and subbed versions, the article above is carefully selected. While exploring most of the alternatives, use a VPN server since some of them are not legal in some countries. Most of the above websites are free but with ads, so use a decent ad blocker to have a smooth streaming experience.