11 Best AnimeTosho Alternatives in 2021

Films, TV shows, web series, and cartoons seem to become a part of our life because of the content which gives a lot of entertainment. But nowadays Animes have gained a large number of followers over the course of time because of the creative content, comic book-inspired characters, visuals, and everything attract people towards it.

Back in the early days, we have to wait to watch our favorite cartoons but now there are online websites where we can get easy to watch these animes.

AnimeTosho is considered to be the best website to watch Animes. This website has an easy user interface, this website has a large collection of animes and gives updates about new animes. This site is a good platform and can impress animes fans with the specialties that this site has.

Since this website has a user-friendly interface, therefore, this site provides the users easy access to download their favorite animes through the filter option or searching your favorite animes by typing their names.

Unfortunately, this site is no longer working because of copyright issues or this site is down nowadays but don’t bother about it because you will not miss your favorite Anime because here are the 11 best websites to download and watch animes other than Anime Tosho which you will definitely enjoy.

11 Best AnimeTosho Alternatives In 2021

So, here are the 11 best alternatives to Anime Tosho in 2021. Check them out for yourself. You will not be dissatisfied.

1. Nyaa

Most of us have heard the name of this website. Nyaa is a website that provides Anime lovers with animes. For anime fans there’s no better anime site than Nyaa. This site features the latest and greatest animes.

This site also offers some of the old and abstruse anime TV series and films. It’s been a while that this site made its presence in the market and as of now, it is now famous in the market. The features of this website are special and can impress a large number of users and surely like this site. The animes on this site are organized manner.

You can find and download your favorite animes by their names, year of release, and by their origin. A brief storyline of the animes is given on the website. Overall, this site provides you complete entertainment and users will use it. So, give just give it a try.

2. HorribleSubs

HorribleSubs is a great site because users can watch their favorite animes freely. Users can also download their favorite anime and watch it afterward if they want to do so. Users will surely find their favorite Animes. It is easy to use website.  This allows the users to share their opinion by their comments and other users who are visiting the website can reply on the comments.

This website has large number of animes with different video sizes and sounds. The users can find their favorite animes. For those who only watch HD movies; such people can prefer high-definition video. It is a great website to watch anime.

3. Anime – Ultime

Anime-Ultime is the best site for anime fans. There are different types of animes with different types of content which anime lovers would love to watch. Anime-Ultime gives the latest updates about the new releases and stories of the different types of animes.

Anime-Ultime is a French website but that’s not a big deal because users can translate the animes into the English language. This website can be the best replacement for Anime Tosho and anime lovers can use this website of Anime Tosho.

4. AniDex

The next alternative to Anime Tosho is AniDex. It’s an old website with its appearance in simple form. On visiting this site, users can see a large collection of animes and they can select the anime whichever they like to watch.

The interface is friendly and easy to use. The database of this site has large number of animes. This site also gives a brief description of the story of the animes to the users. After watching the animes enlisted on this website you will definitely get a great source of entertainment. So, do use this website.

5. BakaBT

BakaBT is another website on this list where users can watch animes. A large collection is stored on this website. Users can go to this website if they want to watch animes. If users want the best experience their device needs to be connected with a great internet connection so that there is no interruption while watching animes.

Downloading and sharing of animes can be done from the website. This website is one of the best websites when it comes to download, watch and share the animes online.

6. Shana Project

Shana Project is a website which has large number of animes. Users can download animes without any limit. After visiting the website, users will see large collection of animes.

It will easily let you to download your favourite animes. The website has some special features that will facilitate your anime downloads. Shana project has special features which will please users to use this website.

7. AniRena

AniRena has been known as the longest running anime website in the market for almost two decades. Since this had some problem so, this website again came back in the year 2012. This website has now become one of biggest website as now. The animes can be found by the name and size in this website.

8. Anime Layer

Anime Layer is one of the best websites in this list, and included this Website in this list. This website is from Russia, so, users might need a translation but that’s not going to be a big problem. Users just have to create an account to use this website for watching animes online.

9. Lime Torrents

It’s a genuine torrent downloading website with mostly verified torrents such as games, films, anime, music, and other online content. It is the biggest website having a large number of users. It is best for searching and downloading animes and this website is running successfully in the market.

You can download animes for free. It will give the best watching experience for anime lovers.The site has a large collection of all kinds of anime. So, anime lovers will surely use this website to download and watch animes.

10. 1337x

Just like other animes websites users can use this website to watch animes. Users can use this website to download various animes and large variety of content and because of this reason this website is considered to best in the world.This website has fascinated a large number of anime lovers to use this website to watch animes.

The animes are classified under a variety of sections, and the users can easily move to their favorite animes with the help of an advanced search toolbar.

This website is a hub of entertaining animes. This website is surely to impress its users with the animes given in the database of the site. So, don’t forget the name of the website to watch anime online.

11. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads is the best example of an anime site that is created very carefully to simplify usage. This website has friendly interface which makes users to use this website without any problem. On this website, users will find that the animes are clearly sorted in various sections.

In this website Users can find out and watch their favorite animes on this website without facing any difficulty only they have to use the search option. This anime website has thousands of animes content on the website and this website will definitely provide a great source of entertainment to any user who loves to watch anime.


I hope that you have read about all the 11 best AnimeTosho alternatives and their special features. You can choose very well any of these websites which suits you best. You should clearly know that in this list most of these sites are illegal since it contains contents that are having copyright issues.

So, whosoever loves to watch animes, should use VPN because by using VPN there are no chances that the IP address of any user will get easily track. This will also safety for the users whenever they are downloading an anime.