All You Need To Know Apple Watch Ultra

Apple has released a workout mode that uses less power, increasing the Apple Watch Ultra’s endurance even more. We chose the Apple Watch Ultra because of its excellent fitness tracking features, clear display, and sturdy construction. This is an updated version of our September 2016 review.

There are several reasons to purchase an Apple Watch Ultra, which retails for $799 (£849, AU$1,299), even if you are not an endurance athlete. Its screen is twice as bright as that of the Apple Watch Series 8, and its battery life is significantly longer thanks to the use of a titanium case.

Apple Watch Ultra

Similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple has put aside some special capabilities for the Ultra that no other Apple Watch model has. The dual-frequency GPS allows for more precise tracking, the additional microphones enhance voice calls, and the Action button allows users to quickly launch activities or switch between segments of a triathlon.

Apple Watch Ultra Design is Big and Bold

The Ultra is the Apple Watch on steroids. Everything you love from past versions is here, only larger and better. The digital crown has deeper ridges, and the side button has its own housing that sticks out from the case, so you can use them even if your fingers are sweaty, dusty, or wearing gloves.

When I first removed the Ultra from its packaging, I was concerned that its bulk and weight might make it uncomfortable to wear on my wrist. Nonetheless, the titanium used in its construction makes it feel surprisingly lightweight. During the day, I am able to acquire a snug and comfortable fit even with the tiniest watch strap that is optimal for my wrist size.

Apple Watch Ultra’s Action button Has Plenty of Uses

The Ultra has an orange Action button on the left side that stands out. It fits snugly into the case and features a thumb indent for easy gripping. This is my second favorite new piece of hardware on the Ultra, behind only the larger battery.

Without one, an Apple Watch Series will feel incomplete. From the Settings menu, you can assign a variety of functions to the button, such as adding a waypoint, starting the stopwatch, opening the flashlight app, or starting a regular workout routine without the customary “3, 2, 1” countdown.

Apple Watch Ultra Bands Also Work with Older Apple Watches

There will be three new bands available for the Apple Watch Ultra at launch: a textile Alpine Loop band, an elastomer Ocean Band band, and a nylon Trail Loop band. The three new Ultra bands are compatible with Apple Watches in the 44mm and 45mm sizes, but bands from older Apple Watch models can also be used with the Ultra.

Even though it won’t be a perfect match, having compatibility with older systems is still a plus. The Ocean Band is my favorite because it has the most traditional watch-strap feel, despite being made for water sports and diving (it can be worn over a wetsuit). However, it’s too bulky to be practical in everyday life.

Apple Watch Ultra Features and Health Trackers

The Apple Watch Ultra is packed to the gills with innovative features that raise the bar for future smartwatches. It has a fall detection mode and crash detection feature that instantly alerts your emergency contacts in the event of an accident.

It can withstand harsh weather, has a built-in compass, and can be used at night. Yet Apple has a siren that can be heard from a distance of 180 meters.  The watch also incorporates Bluetooth for making phone calls, as well as smart notifications, a weather forecast, alarms, and more.

Many people appreciate Apple because of its high-tech health sensors. This watch includes an ECG app to detect heart rate rhythm, a temperature sensor, a female health tracker, a SpO2 sensor to assess blood-oxygen saturation, and a heart-rate monitor that works around the clock.

In addition, it features a number of sport modes and an activity tracker that can be used to monitor things like workout intensity, calorie expenditure, distance covered, and more.

Apple Watch Ultra Battery and Connectivity

Apple estimates that with typical use, the Apple Watch Ultra’s battery life can last up to 36 hours. When compared to other iWatches, the 60-hour battery life that can be achieved with the power saver option is very outstanding. In addition, a wireless charger is included in the packaging for charging the watch.

Connectivity options on the Apple Watch Ultra include Bluetooth 5.3 with a range of up to 10 meters, Wi-Fi 802.11/b/g/n, an in-built compass, and GPS for online location tracking. The Apple Watch Ultra is a premium and rugged smartwatch with a large display, ergonomic design, up to 36 hours of long-lasting battery life, Bluetooth calling, etc.


Unlike the Watch Series 8, the Apple Watch Ultra is designed to compete with premium adventure watch brands like Garmin, making it Apple’s most advanced wearable to date. The watch includes a variety of features that adventure sports fans will appreciate, and it also has an advantage in terms of durability.

The Apple Watch Ultra is similar to the Apple Watch Series 8 in that it is powered by the S8 chip, but there are many key differences. Here are five great features of the Apple Watch Ultra that are unavailable on other Apple Watch models to help you make up your mind about whether or not to make the purchase.