Are Logan And Jake Paul Twins

Two years separated the births of the Paul brothers; Jake was born on January 17, 1997, and Logan on April 1, 1995. Because of this, Logan is now considered the older sibling.

Are Logan And Jake Paul Twins

Both Logan and his sibling, Jake, grew raised in the state of Ohio in the United States. The brothers’ rise to fame coincided with the rise of the social media app Vine, which they both used.

Are Logan And Jake Paul Twins

In subsequent years, they moved their attention to the video-sharing platform YouTube, where they frequently appeared as guests on one another’s productions.

Consequently, it’s not unexpected that some people mistake the brothers for twins.
Both of the siblings graduated from Westlake High School. While attending college in Ohio, Logan decided to pursue a career in social media instead.

The Brothers have Used Their Success to Pursue Other Areas of Show Business.

The choice was made after Jake’s jokey, viral track “It’s Everyday Bro” reached No. 2 on iTunes in May and solidified his reputation as a divisive social media celebrity.

YouTubers posted their own videos explaining what they didn’t like about the song, and the reasons ranged from the song’s illogical lyrics (“It’s every day bro, with that Disney Channel flow”) to the egotistical statements made by the artist (“And if it weren’t for Team 10, then the U.S. would be shitty”).

One critic compared the song to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and another to Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”

The Majority of the Brothers’ Videos Feature Either Pranks, Dramatic Situations, or the Setting of Things on Fire.

Whether it’s the difficult fake relationship between Jake and Erika Costell, the resident “matriarch” of the Roster 10 team, or social media conflict between the brothers and other YouTube stars, or even just amongst themselves, Jake and Logan’s online world is always rife with drama.

Aside from their parody music videos, the majority of their most popular posts are filmed scenarios in which the brothers cause mayhem, à la Punk’D, or attempt Jackass-style stunts, such as tying firecrackers to a friend’s leg or breathing a fire ball using a mixture of dish soap, butane, and cornstarch.

Their Antics and Writings have Earned Them a Collective $11.5 Million in Wealth.

Logan makes $150,000 every Facebook post for sponsors like Hanes and HBO, and another $80,000 per sponsored post on Instagram.

Both Logan and his brother Jake are among YouTube’s best paid stars, with Logan ranking fourth and Jake coming in at number seven, respectively.

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