Are They Making a Kissing Booth 4

People do find their way back to each other. Can you name the movie that this quotation comes from? Then you are correct in thinking that. Each of the four films in the Kissing Booth series—the original, the two sequels, and the recent third installment—feels like it was lifted right from a teen rom-com.

On its release date of August 11th, 2011, reactions to the third sequel were mixed. When Rachel and Lee finally cross over, they will find their high school sweetheart, Elle, waiting for them. The Kissing Booth Season 4 will not be made because the show ended after its third season. Here you will find out are they making a kissing booth 4. 

Are They Making a Kissing Booth 4

The Kissing Booth 4 Release Date: Is it going to Release in 2023?

When will Season 4 of “Kissing Booth” premiere? No official statements or confirmations regarding a fourth season of The Kissing Booth have been made by Netflix or the production crew. Marcello and Jay Arnold claim that the YA rom-com is based on the final volume of Beth Reekles’ trilogy.

Some of the actors in the film include Molly Ringwald, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Joel Courtney, Jacob Elordi, and Taylor Zakhar Perez. From what I can tell, a fourth installment of The Kissing Booth will never see the light of day. Joey King called it “the end of an era” at the end of the third sequel. Now let”s find out are they making a kissing booth 4. 

Are They Making a Kissing Booth 4

Fans of the series are probably hoping that The Kissing Booth 3 wasn’t the last time they saw Elle (Joey King) and Noah (Jacob Elordi), but it appears that they’ll have to settle for that. The current film, The Kissing Booth: One Last Time, is adapted from the third novel in the series by Beth Reekles of the same name.

Reekles had a blog entry this week that read, “When I watched the third movie for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I sobbed my heart out. I really did feel like I was in a state of mourning. All of this has been building for the past decade, with Elle, Lee, and Noah, and now… it’s over. Their story has now reached its conclusion. An era has come to a close.

As Reekles has no plans to write any more novels in the Kissing Booth series, and since the finale of the third film took place six years in the future, it’s highly doubtful that Netflix will make a fourth film in the franchise. Jacob Elordi remarked of the third film in an interview with Vanity Fair last year, “This is definitely the last kiss,” which strongly implies that this is the final installment in the series.

The Kissing Booth 3 Ending

It’s fascinating to note that, since its premiere, the picture has climbed to the top of Netflix’s list of most-watched films. Fans were left perplexed by the ambiguous finish. Joey King addressed the matter in an interview with Variety. I’m looking forward to hearing people’s interpretations.

A slew of other meanings might be drawn from it. However, you know, the very final shot of the two of them, I can make an educated guess. I also wish all the fans a great time speculating. I just want to make sure that our farewell was appropriate for me, the other filmmakers, and the audience. I sincerely pray that’s how they feel.

Why There is No Possibility of The Kissing Booth 4?

Regrettably, critics were not kind to the film. Out of 19 critics who provided ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, only 1% gave the picture a green light, giving it an average score of 3.4 out of 10.

When the second sequel came out, fans had hoped for more of the same romantic subplot in the third installment, hoping that this time around, Lee and Rachel would get engaged after graduating from college, and Elle would finish working on her own video game.

Six years after Noah and Elle split up, he finally tracked her down and told her he was working as an attorney in both Los Angeles and New York. Last but not least, Noah proposes that he and Elle go on a motorbike ride when he returns to town, and Elle accepts.

I guess that’s all there was to it. However, whether it’s the poor reviews or the reality that all good things must eventually end, there is absolutely no chance of a fourth installment of The Kissing Booth.

To sum up, Netflix hasn’t said anything definitively about a fourth season of The Kissing Booth, and the cast said their goodbyes after the third film. The Kissing Booth sequel rumors have been around for a while now, and fans definitely want more. They must have grown tired of it and moved on to other Netflix romantic comedies.


It was reported ahead of the March 22 release of the Netflix film The Kissing Booth 3 that this would be the final season in the series. While tying up loose ends from The Kissing Booth 2, the third picture fell short of satisfying fans.

Beth Reekles’s novel trilogy serves as inspiration for the films, with the final installment titled The Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time. Some fans feel that the third installment, The Kissing Booth 3, wasn’t a fitting end to the franchise.

The Kissing Booth 4 is required, in their perspective, in order to satisfactorily wrap up the franchise. Hope now you know Are They Making a Kissing Booth 4.