Athletics at the Summer Olympics – 100 Metres Hurdles

The women’s 100-meter hurdle race is the gold standard on the world circuit. It made its Olympic debut at the 1972 Summer Games in Munich and has continued on ever since.

Athletics at the Summer Olympics – 100 Metres Hurdles

A Happening

Ten hurdles are set up along the running track for the competition. There is a distance of 8.5 metres between each set of hurdles. There are 84.0 centimetres between the ground and the top of the hurdles. The nature of the race is largely technical.

Athletics at the Summer Olympics – 100 Metres Hurdles

Athletes need more than just natural speed and agility, though; they must hone a wide range of abilities via dedicated practise.

Statutes and Ordinances

  • The International Association of Athletics Federations, or IAAF, has established guidelines and regulations for the women’s 100-meter hurdle event.
  • The stumbling blocks must be modifiable. Each Olympic event has a particular setting, thus they can be found at a range of heights.
  • If an athlete intentionally knocks down a hurdle, they will be immediately disqualified. If it was done accidentally, it is not a crime.
  • It is against the rules for athletes to physically hinder their opponents. They will be eliminated if they do that.
  • Metal and wood can be used for the hurdles and the bar at the top.
  • The International Association of Athletics Federations has established guidelines for the height and width of each hurdle.
  • The vertical supports need to be coloured white and black. They must be black, and no other shade will do.
  • Only timepieces approved by the International Accreditation and Accreditation Council (IAAF) shall be used.
  • No participant is allowed to leave the track during competition.
  • No points are awarded to any runner who falls short of the finish line..

Prominent Achievers

Yordanka Donkova, Benita Fitzgerald-Brown, Vera Komisova, Johanna Schaller-Klier, Joanna Hayes, Olga Shishigina, Brigita Bukovec, LaVonna Martin, Gloria Siebert, Shirley Strong, Tatyana Anisimova, Ludmila Engquist, Voula Patoulidou, Annelie Ehrhardt, Olena Krasovska, Glory Alozie, and Valeria Bufan

Women’s 100 Meter Hurdles Winners at Olympics

Gold Silver Bronze
1972 Annelie Ehrhardt
East Germany
Valeria Bufanu
Karin Balzer
East Germany
1976 Johanna Schaller
East Germany
Tatyana Anisimova
Soviet Union
Natalya Lebedeva
Soviet Union
1980 Vera Komisova
Soviet Union
Johanna Schaller-Klier
East Germany
Lucyna Langer
1984 Benita Fitzgerald-Brown
United States
Shirley Strong
Great Britain
Kim Turner, Michèle Chardonnet
United States, France
1988 Yordanka Donkova
Gloria Siebert
East Germany
Claudia Zaczkiewicz
West Germany
1992 Voula Patoulidou
LaVonna Martin
United States
Yordanka Donkova
1996 Ludmila Engquist
Brigita Bukovec
Patricia Girard
2000 Olga Shishigina
Glory Alozie
Melissa Morrison
United States
2004 Joanna Hayes
United States
Olena Krasovska
Melissa Morrison
United States
2008 Dawn Harper
United States
Sally McLellan
Priscilla Lopes-Schliep
2012 Sally Pearson
Dawn Harper
United States
Kellie Wells
United States
2016 Brianna Rollins
United States
Nia Ali
United States
Kristi Castlin
United States