Athletics At The Summer Olympics – Shot Put

Since the 1948 London Olympics, the women’s shot put event has consistently been featured on the Olympic athletics schedule. Athletes have a putting circle that is seven metres in diameter.

Athletics At The Summer Olympics – Shot Put

During the shot put event, athletes attempt to throw a heavy metal ball as far as possible. A shot is a throw of the ball in an upward motion, and a put is a push throw. Shot put athletes can use either a glide or a spin motion when releasing the shot.

Athletics At The Summer Olympics – Shot Put

The distance from the putter’s tip to the ground is measured in putting from the inside of the circle’s perimeter to the point of contact.

Procedures and Requirements

The shot put competition in the Olympics is governed by the regulations established by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

  • The athlete’s actions before, during, and after the put are governed by IAAF regulations.
  • A foul throw is called if a player leaves the throwing circle before the ball has landed.
  • Each competitor has six attempts at the shot put.
  • Athletes in the sport of shot put must hold the ball between their neck and shoulder.
  • The International Association of Athletics Federations regulates the weight of the shot (ball).
  • No part of the frame may extend past the left or right margins.
  • A foul throw has occurred if the player’s toes have touched the top of the toe board.
  • The thrower must release the ball from the fingertips with a straight arm motion starting at the neck.
  • Bandages may be worn by athletes for wrist support during competition.
  • The athlete commits a foul throw if, upon entering the circle to put the shot, they show a lack of control.

Prominent Achievers

Successful Olympic shot put competitors include: Claudia Losch, Helena Fibingerova, Ilona Briesenick, Natalya Lisovskaya, Yumileidi Cumba, Yanina Korolchik, Sui Xinmei, Tamara Press, Tamara Tyshkevich, Galina Zybina, Vita Pavlysh, Natalya Akhrimenko, Li Meisu, Marianne Adam, Ivanka Hristova.

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