10 Best Fog Lights

    The primary function of fog lights is to provide an adjunct to the low beams, because during the winter season or on any foggy day, regular headlights tend to reflect back.

    It might hinder your visibility as well, irrespective of how good your car’s headlights are, you may face this issue.

    This issue raises a safety concern while you are driving and not able to see things like lane markers, traffic signs, and other vehicles on road.

    Fortunately, there is a solution to deal with this i.e., you can upgrade your car’s headlights with fog lights that are perfect to deal with low visibility situations like fog, dust, heavy rain or drifting snow.

    The reason fog lights are the best solution because instead of reflecting back the fog. they actually hover closer to the ground and shine down to illuminate the road beneath the fog.

    This helps you to see the road better and reduces the risk of getting into an accident making your ride safer & comfortable as well.

    Here, in this article we are going to share with you all the important details about Fog Lights and the best ones available in the market so, you can choose one for your use.

    Let us learn more about fog lights one by one.

    Benefits of LED Fog Lights

    They keep you safe: it is the most important benefit of using fog lights, they improve your visibility to see better during bad weather plus, they also enable other motorists to see you.

    They’re superior to halogen fog lights: LED fog lights are more energy-efficient compared to halogen bulbs and they have longer shelf-life as well.

    They work better than headlights: The standard headlights of your vehicle tend to reflect fog which decreases your visibility but increases the risk of getting into an accident even though they are of high-quality.

    On the other hand, fog lights will increase your visibility so you can see lane markers, traffic signs, and other motorists more clearly.

    They look cool: Though their main purpose is to be used during bad weather to help you see better, many users install them because it upgrades their vehicle’s appearance.

    Types of Fog Lights

    There are different types of Fog Lights available in the market. Basically, they are different in terms of the light they use or where you can put them etc.

    Following are the different types of Fog Lights available in the market;

    1. LED Fog Lights

    As the name suggests these fog lights use LED (Light Emitting Diodes) because of their long shelf life & less power consumption.

    Plus, they are pretty efficient & produce less heat, and they can be used to shine in different colors.

    Despite of their benefits, they are a bit expensive compared to halogen fog lights.

    2. HID Fog Lights

    HID stands for High-intensity Discharge fog lights which are somewhat similar to standard headlights i.e., they use Xenon gas to lit up but they don’t use a filament, this adds to their longer shelf life compared to halogen lights.

    3. Halogen Fog Lights

    They are used in standard built-in fog lights that comes with most of the cars so, it is easy to find them. They are affordable but they have a short shelf-life span and are not the brightest of all the lights out there.

    Top 10 Best Fog Lights

    1. Philips X-tremeVision LED Fog Light

    Philips Fog Lights are one of the bestsellers on Amazon with great reviews that makes them a must buy car accessory.

    A single LED bulb comes with 9.3 watts with 840 lumens output & white illumination with anti-glare or blind feature as claimed by the company.

    These lights by Phillips feature a 12-year shelf-life period with 3-year quality warranty and if you are looking for a better fog light to replace your halogen fog lights then.

    This is the best choice. Since they are LED lights they consume less power and doesn’t heat up fast.

    However, they are not so budget-friendly and few users have also reported some issues but the company assisted them well.

    Key Features:

    • 12-year shelf-life,
    • 3-year warranty on product,
    • Consume less power,
    • Easy to install,
    • Bright white illumination.

    2. LEDHOLYT High Power LED Fog Light

    Next, we have this uniquely designed set of fog lights that features a combination of LED halo & a high-intensity.

    Xenon lamp for better lighting performance. Each of the bulb features an extremely bright illumination with a 30W output.

    Other features include waterproof seal design, long lifespan, durable, large viewing angle, uniform light, high brightness, and good heat dissipation; all-in-all it’s a great product to buy.

    They are really affordable and professional installation is recommended as a number of buyers have had a problem with self-installation.

    Some of the buyers have also raised concerns regarding the quality of the product.

    Key Features:

    • Affordable, Bright light,
    • Long lifespan,
    • Waterproof seal design,
    • Different color options.

    3. HELLA 005750971 500 Series Fog Lamp Kit

    This product comes in a full kit which could be rea handy and a great fit as an off-road lighting gear.

    The product is consisting of bright halogen bulbs with 55W output with plenty of versatility as well.

    As per claimed by the company, the product is lightweight and use an impact-resistant housing and a water-tight lens. You can either buy a stylish black enclosure design or the other with amber.

    For improved safety, the harness comes with a fuse. The only drawback is that you will have to buy each of the accessories separately, which might cost a bit extra.

    Key Features:

    • Easy to install,
    • 55W bright output,
    • Efficient with good beam pattern,
    • Lightweight and water-tight lens.

    4. JDM ASTAR 30W High Power LED Fog Light Bulbs for DRL or Fog Lights

    JDM ASTAR offers a variety of bestselling automotive lighting and their product might show up again in this list.

    These JDM ASTER bulbs have a dual purpose i.e., they can be used as both fog lights and day-time running lights also.

    This product includes 6 LEDs and each of them offers a 5W output and is covered by limited one-year warranty.

    These are super easy-to-install all you need to do is plug it & play; you will not even have to call a professional.

    These fog lights are super bright which means not only you will be able to see the road but also allows others to notice you as well.

    However, while installing them you will have to be extra careful because a proper angling is required so you don’t end up blinding oncoming drivers.

    Some users have reported few complaints regarding size and shelf-life of the product.

    Key Features:

    – Extremely bright,


    Extremely bright light,

    6 LEDs with 5W output of each.

    5. Valeo Fog Light

    Trusted by Valeo, a well-known French Manufacturing Company for their brilliant aftermarket automobile accessories.

    Basically, these lights are used as replacement lights for OEM Ford fog lights which means they will cost less if bought at dealership without having to compromise with quality.

    The product is loved by users because of their quality light with amazing fitment, usefulness and easy installation. Because of their cleaner look, these lights don’t even look like an aftermarket product.

    One important thing to remember before buying this product is to make sure you choose the correct product depending on your vehicle’s fit to avoid any issues.

    Key Features:

    • Easy-to-install,
    • Good quality product,
    • Affordable,
    • Clean look and amazing fitment.

    6. Rigid Industries 50481 D-Series SAE Fog Light Set

    With high ratings Amazon this product comes from a Rigid Industries, a brand that is trusted by many.

    This Fog Light Kit offered by Rigid Industries is SAE compliant, which means you can use them on a federal highway, both, legally as well as safely.

    Plus, the product offers a perfect bright & even spread light taht doesn’t blind oncoming drivers (if installed at right angles).

    IT is manufactured from heavy-duty aluminum, that makes it tough to withstand the day-to-day vibrations encountered by car and units also features pressure equalizing vents.

    It is an USA based company product i.e., from designing, engineering to manufacturing, each of the process is done in USA itself.

    Company offers a good lifetime warranty on this product so, if you face any issue customer service will be there to help you. The only issue is that they are not so budget friendly i.e., quite expensive.

    Key Features:

    • Easy Installation,
    • Lifetime warranty,
    • Made in USA,
    • Made from heavy -duty aluminum.

    7. XSPEED LED Fog Light Bulbs JDM Gold Yellow

    This product is best for those who are looking for a cool yellow JDM look. The product in variety of sizes & fitments for different car models with each bulb having an output of 1,600 lumens.

    The product is packed with features such as great efficiency, bright light, easy-to-install and great reviews by customers.

    So, the chances of you getting disappointed from these products are very low. And, the company offers a limited 1-year warranty which however, seems a little limiting.

    While some users may find the light not so bright or a little dim, mostly users are really happy with this product.

    Key Features:

    • Easy installation,
    • Great reviews,
    • Bright & efficient,
    • Good customer service.

    8. BEAMTECH Led Fog Light Bulb

    Designed to exclusively be used as fog lights only with modest output of 800 lumens, still they are quite bright (as reported by many users).

    They are durable with a shelf life of over 10,000 hours. And, company offers a 1-year limiting warranty on the product.

    However, some users have complained that the beam pattern of these bulbs have a blind spot and they are not long lasting.

    Key Features:

    • Easy to install,
    • Good quality & customer service,
    • 1-year warranty.

    9. Nilight 2PCS 18W 1260lm Spot Driving Fog Lights

    This product includes an 18W LED light bulbs and universal adjustable mounting that works with all vehicles, they are made with die-cast aluminum alloy cooling fins which improves their longevity up to30,000 hours.

    Other features of this product include dust & water proof (up to 3.3ft if or 30 minutes) coating, are well-constructed, durable, gives bright light and improves your visibility during rainy or snow weather.

    Easy to install with a wire long enough to reach the factory fog light wiring harness plugs from shock bumper mounting location. And, spot beams are quite directional.

    With all these great features, this product has some downside also i.e., can be difficult to aim, fragile bolts, not compatible for 2-wheelers. Plus, you may have to buy the wiring harness & mounting separately.

    Key Features:

    • 18W LED bulbs with 30,000 hours lifespan,
    • Easy installation,
    • Universal fitting for all vehicles,
    • Water & dustproof, Durable.

    10. Alla Lighting H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs

    Finally, we have Alla Lighting H11, which is a set of two ultra-bright LED fog light bulbs with each bulb having an output of 1400 lumens i.e., 2800 lumens per set.

    a perfect set to light up a foggy night sky allowing you to see the road ahead of you more clearly.

    Built from premium aluminum material offers good heat dissipation and longer lifespan, meaning you won’t have to change them often.

    They are highly effective to be used in dense fog or bad weather; include 12volts & 8.5W with 710 microamps and provide great colors.

    The only drawback is they can be little difficult to install and due to their high wattage lights can come off as dim.

    Key Features:

    • Set of 2 LED Bulbs with 1400 lumens (from each),
    • 12volts & 8.5W output with 710 microamps,
    • Longer lifespan,
    • Good heat dissipation.


    Q1. How Do Fog Lights Work?

    Fog lights are different from standard driving lights, DRLs or headlights; they have separate switches & bulbs and are specially designed to be placed at a downward angle for better visibility on bad weather day.

    Instead of reflecting off the fog, snow or rain they illuminate parts of road in front of the car that are usually hard to see.

    Q2. What Is The Best Colour For Fog Lights?

    This is entirely a personal choice. While some users find yellow fog light bulbs best & offer superior performance on bad weather day; also, because yellow lights have longer wavelength compared to white light.

    It is also said that yellow light causes less eye strain. On the other hand, many drivers go with white or slightly blue light instead of yellow light.

    Q3. Do Fog Lights Blind Other Motorists?

    Sometimes they can (or also cannot); well, fog lights are very bright and can cause a little distraction to other drivers, especially when they are installed at a wrong angle & not pointing in the correct direction.

    Q4. Can I Use Fog Lights On My Motorcycle?

    Yes, fog lights can be installed on other vehicles such as motorcycle, boats, ATVs, Golf carts and on Lawn mowers also.

    But before buying them you should remember to check manufacturer’s recommendations or if the product is suitable or not.

    Q5. Are Fog Lights Illegal?

    To know better about this you will need to check your local ordinances because, depending on where you live, your neighborhood or town or district or city, there may be a law pertaining to the color of your fog lights.

    There can be some specific regulations on fog light’s location & other properties, for example; the fog lights can be too bright or aimed too high, which may be illegal.


    Fog lights are better solution to deal with all those foggy/rainy days when you are not able to see the road properly and it can be too dangerous to drive.

    Fog lights work differently than the standard headlights, they come with different switches & bulbs and can be placed either on bumper or roof, with the angle pointing downwards.

    They illuminate the road closer to vehicle for better visibility and reduces the chance of accident without blinding off the oncoming drivers.

    There are variety of fog lights available in the market, with one better than the other, each with their own set of features & may be some drawbacks as well.

    If you are planning to buy one, then make sure to look for few things such as their longevity, wattage, power consumption, warranty, & fitment; and choose depending on your vehicle.