Black Lightning Season 4 Release Date

The fourth and, as it turns out, final season of Black Lightning on The CW has premiered. As we will detail in this Netflix release calendar for Black Lightning season 4, the fourth season is slated to become available in some countries in June 2021.

Black Lightning, created by Salim Akil, is one of the newest members of the Arrowverse cast and was set to air on Fox until being moved back to The CW. Outside of the United States, it is one of the very few DC titles from The CW that can be considered a Netflix Original series.

In the role originated by Cress Williams, Jefferson Pierce is a high school principal who returns to his identity as Black Lightning in order to battle crime. Black Lightning will end with season 4, as previously announced, and the proposed spin-off, Painkiller, will not be developed.

Black Lightning Season 4 Release Date

In comparison to seasons 2 and 3, season 4 had fewer episodes, with the total number of episodes for the entire series returning to its original 13 episodes. There were delays in filming Season 4 because of the pandemic. The series premiered on February 8, 2021, and it ended on May 24, 2021.

When will Black Lightning season 4 be on Netflix in the US?

Netflix’s original output agreement with The CW ensures that Black Lightning will continue to air in the United States. Seasons would often debut on Netflix 8 days after the season finale aired, but there has been no official word on whether or not this is still the case.

Assuming an 8-day release window, the show would hit Netflix in the United States on June 1, 2021. Certainly, you can count on us to keep you updated.

Black Lightning Season 4 International Netflix Release Date

The show is available on Netflix as a Netflix Original in countries outside the United States, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Several of the previous seasons were initially made available on Netflix around the world on a weekly basis, however this practice was discontinued after the third season.

The show will instead premiere on Netflix around the same time as the United States. Black Lightning season 4 is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on June 29, 2021, but so far only in Canada. We anticipate this for other regions as well but will keep you updated.

Black Lightning Season 4 Cast

Damon Gupton, who played Bill Henderson and was killed off in Season 3 during Freeland’s war with the Markovians, is the only significant cast member who did not return for the final season of Black Lightning.

Cress Williams returns as Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning, and China R. Kim and China R. Jennifer Pierce (Anne McClain), Anissa Pierce/Thunder (Nafessa Williams), Lynn Stewart (Christine Adams), Tobias Whale (Marvin “Krondon” Jones III), and Peter Gambi (James Remar). Actress Melissa De Sousa has been cast in the role of Freeland Police Chief Ana Lopez, according to Essence.

Black Lightning Season 4 Plot

Indeed, Jefferson Pierce is a man of many guises. He has two kids, is a distinguished professor, and competed in the Olympics. He also assumes the identity of Black Lightning, a fictional superhero who can detect and control electrical currents and so protects the city of Freeland. The omnipotent and chameleonic Jefferson is not alone.

Anissa Pierce, his eldest daughter, is currently a medical student, is actively involved in social justice causes, and volunteers at a health clinic. She’s a superheroine known as Thunder because she can temporarily raise her density to superhuman levels, making her immune to harm and able to lift enormous amounts of weight while doing so.

Jennifer Pierce, Jefferson’s youngest daughter, is an outspoken teenager who has her father’s physical ability but not his passion for sports. Jennifer gained the ability to use superpowers as well.

She is known as Lightning because her body produces pure electrical energy and she has the potential to be more powerful than Anissa or Jefferson. Jefferson and his ex-wife, Lynn Stewart, are still very much in love and work together as great co-parents.

Furthermore, she has extensive knowledge in the field of metahuman medicine. The Pierces as a unit face the dangers of a decaying urban neighborhood, including a conflict between a dangerous gang known as “The 100” and a criminal cartel sponsored by the Pierces’ archenemy, the notorious gangster Tobias Whale. Jefferson’s surrogate father and former secret superspy Peter Gambi is on the family’s side in this battle.


The fourth and last season of Black Lightning has finally arrived. In November of 2020, The CW announced that they would not be renewing the Black-led superhero program for a subsequent season.

There is still the remaining 13 episodes of the series’ final season to watch, as well as the possibility of a Black Lightning spin-off.

Although Season 4 may mark the conclusion of one adventure, I am tremendously eager to usher in a new chapter and continue collaborating with The CW as we explore the tale of Painkiller,” said showrunner Salim Akil.