10 Best Blind Spot Mirrors

    We all know that driving has become an essential daily activity and no matter how safely one drive, you still can’t ignore the fact that most of the factory rear view mirrors have blind spots.

    And, if we talk about facts then according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every year about 840,000 car accidents are related to blind spot (found in rear-view mirrors).

    Though driving is an essential daily activity, it is still dangerous specially while changing lanes, merging with heavy traffic, when you are looking for a parking because of all the twisting, turning.

    Making sure you don’t bump into someone’s car. Safety should be our top priority when buying or driving any automobile and under no circumstance we should compromise.

    It and to ensure safe drive make sure your vehicle has all the right tools such as Blind Spot Mirrors.

    Blind Spot Mirror is a helpful car accessory that lets you see what is behind your car or in your blind spot without turning or twisting your neck making your driving enjoyable, comfortable and at the same time safer ride.

    Most of the modern vehicles now offer blind spot detection but in case your vehicle doesn’t have one and you are looking for an easy way to see what is in your blind spot.

    Then don’t worry because have made a list of best blind spot mirrors which you can buy, along with their features & reviews to make it easier for you.

    So, I will suggest you to sit back, relax and enjoy this article ride.

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    Why Blind Spot Mirrors Are Worth Your Money?

    Before we get to our topic, let us first discuss why you should consider buying a blind spot mirror.

    1. Blind Spot Mirror helps You See Without Turning Around

    When you turn around to check your blind spot, practically you are taking your eyes off the road -for ample amount of time with your vehicle going at a speed of 70-90 mph, which can be dangerous/ life threatening.

    With blind spot mirror you won’t have to turn around and will keep your eyes strictly on road.Thus, avoiding the risk of you getting into an accident.

    2. Backing Up and Judging the Distance

    One more good reason why you should invest in blind spot mirror is that it helps you see where your back tires are to easily park your vehicle without bumping into garage wall or another vehicle when you are turning or twisting your vehicle.

    Also, it helps you keep your vehicle at safe distance from other vehicles.

    Because, with blind spot mirror you won’t have to guess or ask the person to check if you are in the right spot, no vehicle bumping in yours from the back.

    3. It has Become a Standard

    Most of the modern vehicle now comes with blind spot mirrors, adjusting mirror or blind spot detection built-in feature because.

    Manufactures have recognized the importance & necessity to be able to see what or who (in case) is in your blind spot.

    Therefore, no matter where are you drying or at what speed you are going, safety is the most important thing that should be on top of your priority list and one should practice all the ways to ensure it.

    Features of Blind Spot Mirrors

    Blind spot mirrors come with number of features, let us talk elaborate those one by one:

    1. Get a better view of your blind spots

    The most basic and important feature of blind spot mirror to be able to check your blind spot more clearly.

    They provide a better and clear view of all the cars and pedestrians passing by your vehicle that otherwise may have missed.

    It helps you to avoid bumping into cars, people or objects when you are turning vehicle or switching lanes or overtaking any other vehicle.

    2. Monitor traffic around you

    Blind spot mirrors help to avoid risk of accidents by letting you keep your eyes focused on road & vehicle ahead of you and at the same time it provides you better view to keep an extra eye on the vehicle behind you too.

    Which ultimately help to drive safely by maintain a safe & respectable distance from another vehicle behind you.

    3. Safely park your car

    And to park your vehicle without hitting anything is as important as driving safely.

    That is why blind spot mirror help you park your vehicle whether its parallel park or your own single garage and to back out from loaded parking space too (again without bumping into other vehicles or objects or people).

    4. Monitor children playing around you

    If you are not focused & observant enough in a parking place you might get into an accident which you wouldn’t want to happen. And most of the times you will find children playing in or around a parking place.

    Thus, blind spot mirror helps in avoiding such accidents simply by giving an extra wide & best possible rear & side vision.

    Top 10 Blind Spot Mirrors in 2020

    Blind spot mirrors are efficient, affordable and safer way that allows you see what is in your blind spot without you having to turn your head around.

    Blind spot mirror provides number of features (that we have mentioned earlier in this article).

    Next, we are going to discuss which blind spot mirrors you can buy with their full review and respective FAQs; which will help you in choosing one accordingly.

    1. Ampper Blind Spot Mirror

    Ampper Blind Spot Mirror is one of the best sellers on Amazon and that is no wonder because Ampper provides an excellent, curved, ultra-thin & frameless design and comes in both square & round shape.

    Ampper Blind Spot Mirror

    You can easily put on these mirrors using their 3M adhesive plus adjustable swivel mounting bracket (that comes along in the pack) sway them easily and rotate them in any direction you want (they are 360 degrees rotating).

    The square one measures about 3.7 inches by 1.37 inches and round ones have 2-inch diameter and super easy to install.

    From cars to SUVs to vans or RVs they go with any automobile.These mirrors have anti-haze glass, are IP65 waterproof rust resistant and comes in a pack of 2 or 4.

    PROS: Affordable, easy install, strong adhesive, HD anti-haze glass, waterproof and rust resistant.

    CONlS: Not suitable for motorcycles, small size may cause a problem if your eyesight is weak, swivel may break on prolonged usage.

    2. Ampper Egg Shaped Blind Spot Mirror

    Ampper company has an experience of 20 years in automobile accessories production on wide scale.

    Alon with other Ampper products on the list, egg shaped mirror similarly offers best value at an affordable price with dimensions 2.68 “by 1.77” to provide a balanced view.

    Ampper Egg Shape Blind Spot Mirrors


    PROS:Low in price, rust resistant, convex glass for wide HD view, 3M strong adhesive, Anti-haze glass, water-proof, 360 rotation, easy sway mount bracket and can be used on any 4-wheeler automobile namely car, SUVs, RVs, vans etc.

    CONS: Not suitable for 2-wheelers, small size may cause a bit of difficulty for people with spectacles and mount swivel can break after a period of time.

    3. Allview Rearview Mirror

    It is a simple and an excellent product for use measuring about 15”by 2.3”, offers viewing area wider than any other blind spot or factory fitted mirror.

    Get a clear enhanced view from either side of mirror whether left, right or center without any distortion.

    It’s anti-glare mirror finishing make it best suited for night driving by minimizing the exposure of headlights.

    Allview Rearview Mirror

    Easy to install without using adhesive, just clip it on your side mirror and you are all set. It comes with an instruction manual to help you in installing.

    PROS: simple, unique & functional design,

    Suitable for almost every type of vehicle,

    Wide anti-glare enhanced view,

    Easy clip-on installation,

    Excellent choice for anyone with neck or back problem

    CONS: can be too big for certain automobile models.

    4. Fit System Adjustable Blind Spot Mirrors

    Fit system blind spot mirror is suitable for modern as well as typical road automobile and the most unique feature is that it is made of plastic & not of glass, unlike other ones.

    Fit System Adjustable Blind Spot Mirrors

    It is cheaper than other mirrors and comes in thick plastic frame that may add to its longer durability but on the other hand it limits its adjustability and also degrades quicker than glass mirrors.

    It can be easily installed but I might it isn’t suitable for heavy-duty applications.

    PROS: cheaper than other blind spot mirrors,

    Easy installation,

    Greatly reduces blind spots,

    Best suited for ATV.

    CONS: plastic frame reduces durability, limits adjustability and might degrade quickly.

    5. Betool 15” ATV Rearview Blind Spot Mirror

    Only those who own an ATV will understand how difficult it is to view your blind spot and it can’t without causing pain in neck.

    Therefore, BETOOL has made 15” ATV rearview mirror for your convenience because they understand that not every blind spot mirror goes with ATV.

    It is highly efficient with a simple design measuring about 15” by 2.5” in size. Its straightforward design with sturdy bracket is easy to install.

    Its large reflective surface, curved design and 15” glass provides large viewing area although its convex shape might cause a bit of distortion (but after repeated use it will be fine).


    PROS: 15” large mirror,

    Easy to install brackets,

    Stays sturdy on bumpy roads as well,

    CONS: can be hard to adjust due to its big size

    6. WadeStar RM 10

    WadeStar RM 10 blind spot mirror is custom made to be used in larger truck however, they are compatible for other vehicles as well.

    It is a reliable, affordable and performance efficient product & comes 2-in a pack. WadeStar RM 10 offers a clear view of your rear as well as of your blind spot and can be installed either on upper or lower side of your rearview mirror.

    WadeStar RM 10

    They come with an adhesive on the back which you can use to attach these to pre-existing mirror. WadeStar RM 10 blind spot mirror will make driving around & parking much more comfortable & safer.

    PROS: can be installed on upper or lower corner or mirror

    Provides crystal clear enhanced view

    CONS: custom made for larger trucks which can cause compatibility problem with other vehicles

    7. Fit System RM011 Clip-on Wide-Angle Rear-View Mirror

    It is the widest rear-view mirror with 18” in size that covers a wide field of view as a result it can be used for family cars as well as SUVs, Vans etc.

    Fit System RM011 Clip-on Wide Angle Rear View Mirror

    Though some people may find it a bit difficult to view objects initially but once you get used to seeing objects in mirror & how they reflect it will become easy.

    Its wide angle offers a full view of inside & more importantly outside of the car, making it easier for the driver to see both right & left lanes and can easily switch between them.

    Unlike other blind spot mirrors, it is concave in shape which adds extra visibility.

    PROS: 18” wide angle

    Easily clips to existing mirror

    Made with chrome plated glass

    Reduced mirror glare, anti-haze

    CONS: Can limit controls on factory-fitted mirror

    8. Utopicar New Blind Spot Mirror

    These mirrors come in a unique frameless design and their size is perfect small enough to fit onto pre-existing mirror but still large enough to give you a clear enhanced view of your bind spot.

    Utopica New Blind Spot Mirror

    They are convex shaped that offers a wide clear view and greatly reduces blind spots. These come 2 in a pack each along with a label that describes on which side they would go best.

    The product comes with a high-quality adhesive for easy installation, adjustable and have 1-year warranty.

    These mirrors help make your driving experience safer but also comfier & more enjoyable.

    PROS: 3M adhesive,

    1-year warranty,

    Frameless design & HD glass,

    Unobstructed views

    CONS: size can be large for some mirrors,

    Not suitable for parking

    9. Essential Contraptions 4-Pack Blind Spot Mirrors

    It is one of the best mirrors on this list that comes with aluminum frame instead of glass or plastic which adds to its longer durability. It is a full value for money product with impressive stability & sturdiness.

    It is a 2-inch convex mirror made form genuine glass that allows a fish-eye view and doesn’t haze over years.

    It comes with an adhesive attached at back that perfectly sticks to side mirror and stay steady even on rough & bad roads.

    Essential Contraptions 4-Pack Blind Spot Mirrors

    They are oval in shape & comes 4 in pack can be adhered anywhere on the mirror and is compatible with almost every vehicle from cars, to RVs & two-wheeler as well.

    PROS: comes 4 in a pack,

    Offers excellent value for money,

    Long durability,

    Made of real glass

    CONS: little difficult to adjust

    10. Liberrway Blind Spot Mirror for Cars

    The last but not the least these mirrors are the most compact wide-angle mirror you will find on this list with 170-degree view angle to cover wide vision area.

    They come 4-in a pack in which means you will have to install 2 small sized mirrors on both sides.

    Liberrway Blind Spot Mirror for Cars

    Though it might sound a bit difficult to put on 2-mirror but all you have to do is find the perfect spot, peel off adhesive film, attach it and you are all set to go.

    They measure about 3.74” in size and are compatible with number of vehicles from car, SUVs and even trucks. Fully adjustable with 20-degree sway and independently movable.

    With 2 compact mirrors on each side it helps in greatly reducing blind spot elimination and provide great view of surrounding.

    PROS: 170-degree field view with 20-degree sway,

    Easy to install,

    Sold in pairs of 2

    CONS: no view of car backseat.

    How to Buy the Best Blind Spot Mirrors?

    Next, let us talk about how you can choose the best blind spot mirror for your automobile.

    1. Compatibility

    When buying a blind spot mirror for your car the first & most important factor you should took into consideration is compatibility.

    The blind spot mirror should be compatible with your car model otherwise it would serve no purpose.

    Simply, check the label on the mirror and see with what kind of cars is it compatible and if it includes your car model then we are done.

    However, if you are still having some problems then I would suggest you to go for universal type blind spot mirror namely Ampper Am-BSM01 which works with almost every type of automobile.

    2. Size & Shape

    So far, you have read that blind spot come sin different shapes & sizes and round ones are universal type but still you should choose one according to your vehicle mirror.

    Usually buyers prefer the round shaped mirrors but there is no perfect technical advantage behind it which means squared ones are as much useful. For e.g., Ampper Am-BSM02

    And to talk about mirror size, bigger ones are better than small because of their large vision area.

    3. Overall Build Quality

    Quality is the one of the important concerns when you buy something new thus, the overall quality of blind spot mirror is important as well.

    A number of blind spot mirrors are made of plastic which are low in price and are light weight as well. However, plastic doesn’t offer longer durability.

    If you are looking for better ones then aluminum mirrors are great choice. They are more durable, offers great visibility and can be bought at a reasonable price.

    4. Adjustability

    This another important factor because a good blind spot mirror should be adjustable enough so that you can focus on different area for a safer drive.

    And besides this, the degree of adjustment equally matters e.g., a 360-degree adjustable mirror is good to go as it offers great visibility with focus in every direction.

    Plus, a minimum of 20-degree sway it will be lot easier & clean to focus.Note: adjustment should be quick & easy.

    5. Attachment Method

    After you have sought out the perfect blind spot mirror for your car, last thing is to attach it with pre-existing mirror.

    And, not many buyers would want to spend extra money to a mechanic just to attach a mirror, right?

    Thus, make sure you buy one which is easy to install; while some may require you to use some screws, fasteners or bolts etc. but most of the blind spot mirror comes with 3M adhesive for attachment.

    The ones with 3M adhesive are easy to attach.

    How to Install Blind Spot Mirrors?

    A new set of blind spot mirrors comes with an installation guide for buyer’s convenience. Though it is simple task to pull but incase you face any problem here are some general procedures you can follow:

    Identify the right place on pre-existing mirror & check all angles.For stick on mirror, first clean the surface otherwise it won’t stick.

    Now, install it by sticking adhesive back to surface of pre-existing mirror.

    What if I Want to Remove my Blind Spot Mirrors?

    If your blind spot mirror has a strong adhesive then removing it might require a bit of effort. The perfect tool for this job is.

    Single Edge Razor Blade to remove adhesive from your mirror but you would need to be careful otherwise you will end up scratching the surface (which is not good).

    Another tool you can use is hair dryer and for any left-over adhesive you can try nail polish, alcohol or any type of adhesive remover and you will be back driving with a clear & clean side mirror.

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    Q1. Are Blind Spot Mirror Useful?

    Yes, they allow driver to see all parts of road that are normally not visible to them.

    Q2. Where Should a Blind Spot Mirror be Placed?

    It depends on their type because some goes best with lower while other with upper part and some can work with both.

    Q3. Does it Work on Heated Mirrors?

    Yes, heated or non-heated mirrors they work perfectly fine as they use a strong adhesive that work well on heated mirrors too.

    Q4. Are Blind Spot Mirrors Safe in a Car Wash?

    Since, most of them are designed to be waterproof they should be safe in carwash as well. Just make sure you buy one which at least have an IP65 rating.


    Blind Spot Mirror are made to make your ride safer as well as enjoyable & comfortable by helping you to see all parts of roads without you having to turn your neck.

    They come in various shapes & sizes to suit with variety of automobiles from old car to modern ones, SUVs, RVs, Vans, ATVs, Trucks & two-wheelers.

    They are affordable, easy to install and provides enhanced back view of both inside & outside of car.

    Using this article that includes every feature offered by different mirrors, how you can install them and related FAQs, I hope it will help you in cho!