Chia Anime Alternatives

Anime – a world for many to explore their fantasies, magical stories, or an adventurous and entertaining spot for some to rest upon. Nowadays watching an anime at the tip of your fingers is possible but, for free of cost and at great visual quality is a bit of imagination for some, but now it’s time to turn those imaginations into reality.

Websites like chia anime has become your savior in this case, by serving for our satisfaction.

Chia anime, a website where you can watch whichever anime that comes to your mind at any time with high visual quality, less ads, for free of cost and its wide variety of genre is always an impressive factor for those anime lovers as that visual only has the ability to satisfy them. Its genres start from action, adventure, comedy, thriller, horror, romantic to cars, Yuri etc.

Top 9 Alternatives to Chia Anime

But, among you there may be some who are ready to check on different websites which are similar to chia anime or some who didn’t have the access of chia anime due to certain errors, so for those ones, here we are going to reveal 9 best alternatives of chia anime which you can try and to forget the pain of inaccessibility.

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1. CrunchyRoll

This is a website which can be greatly enjoyed when subscribed with a payment of $7.99/month as it ensures ad-free entertainment, for sure you will never regret about spending this money, as it’s totally worth the happiness you are  about to receive afterwards.

This site will surely comfort you with the pack of entertainments, drama, manga, series, news, shows related to animes etc. But if you are ok with ads, this surely can work at free of cost too, with a bit of interruptions of advertisements. Try visiting Crunchyroll, if you are an anime lover as 50 million anime lovers has already become a part of it.

It also has got around 900 animes, Starting from Naruto, death note to whatever you are looking for will be served in Crunchyroll, if you are searching for anime based games, crunchyroll can satisfy you there too, with their special section of awesome games.

2. GogoAnime

Gogoanime is known to be the real substitute or the next mostly ranked website after chia anime.its great filters is always an attraction for its viewers, the attractive filters include alphabetical orders, dubbed version, genre search, Chinese versions, special search bars to type and search your animes and also based on viewers ranking too, such as popularity etc.

And at the right side the website gives complete schedule of every animes or shows that was released that day, week and month, this keeps the release of your favorite animes unmissed. If you are a person who doesn’t understand Japanese then you won’t face any hardships as this website provides anime with subbed and dubbed versions.

3. PutLocker

This one is known to be one of the very famous website as it was ranked the most visited website worldwide, around the year 2016. the birth of this website is in UK, during 2011, from then the website grew to a top level by providing different types of animes under different category and by satisfying the needs of its viewers for free and at a great quality visual selection.

This site also has a good and satisfying filter based on genre and country, which will help you to find the one you are looking for.

4. 9Anime

9anime is a fully fledged site with mostly every animes and it also provides free download option for those craving anime lovers to watch it anytime without the consumption of data, its reliable and attractive filters helps anyone to find what they have been searching for.

Surely, the library itself of 9anime can satisfy the aesthetic view and can make anyone thriving to watch an anime. This site also provides animes with English subbed, dubbed versions without sacrificing the visual quality, very less amount of ads is also quite an attraction of this site.

Quick release of episodes after broadcasting is one of the significant highlight of 9anime, which makes it stand out from other websites and which makes the viewers catch hold onto it.

5. KissAnime

Kiss anime is known to be one of the oldest sites, which have several brothers and sisters named kissAsian which provides free dramas at high quality and kiss cartoon which specializes in providing free cartoons at high quality. After registering to kissanime website, you can enjoy the privilege to download your favorite anime for free without any interruptions.

Kiss anime is also famous for its talent in providing animes at a high quality (in different formats such as 480p, 720p etc), and in a dubbed and subbed version. Its filters are quite impressive too.

6. AnimeHeaven

Animeheaven is the dream comes true for all the anime lovers out there. As its name itself denotes, it’s a heaven that anime lovers don’t want to miss. This site is known to be a great competition to chia anime. Animeheaven provides mostly every animes at free of cost, in a high visual quality and helps you to select from wide variety of genres.

Such as horror, fandom, drama, romantic, adventure, sci-fi, seinen, vampire, Yuri, cars, comedy, tragedy etc. and also to double the beauty of this site, it also provides anime movies, anime series, subbed and dubbed versions too which you can watch online or download and watch anytime.

7. AnimeFreak

The magnetic android application is quite enough for anyone to be a fan of animefreak TV which can make your search and acess simpler. Its colorful website is a pleasant aesthetic view for anyone who visits it and also will make everyone stay more to the Japanese themed site.

This website provides rare and special contents which will attract many. also never compromises in providing anime at high quality, at purely free of cost and partially ad-free, which indirectly ensures that you won’t face much interruptions while enjoying your favorite shows.

8. AnimeDao

This website provides many animes under different genres, such as action, adventure, comedy, romantic, car, thriller, horror etc. They focus more on genres than any other sections. Subbed and dubbed versions are also an attractive portion of animedao.

Surely animedao can serve as one of the best alternative of chia anime in every ways, by providing mostly every anime at free of cost and at great visual quality.

9. Funimation

If legal issue is the reason that pulls you back from these websites, then don’t look back now- funimation is made for you, as it is 100% legal website which can satisfy you with its wide variety of animes. It has all the subbed and dubbed versions. The subbed versions are free of cost, but the dubbed versions do need subscription.

It is one of the very popular website which has all the capability to substitute chia anime. But, due to certain circumstances this website cannot be accessed in every part of the world, as it is inaccessible in India.

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Final Words

Anime is fun to watch and lovely to enjoy, if you need a break to slip down to the nostalgic memory of your childhood which was filled with animation and fun, then don’t wait. Dust down those nostalgic part of your brain with animes which can be a great experience to cherish forever.

As its great graphic visual and unavoidable story line can mark bombarding creativity and a powerful moral in your minds. From the millionaire detective to the black clover, every of your valuable animes which can be counted around d 1000 are waiting for you, now what are you waiting for? The websites which we introduced today can satisfy you and your needs of anime without much worth.