Citta Di Padova Track And Field

Padua, sometimes known as Padova, is a city in Italy, and on September 4, 2022, it will host the Meeting Citta Di Padova 2022. There is an annual track and field competition at the Daciano Colbacchini Stadium in Padua.

Citta Di Padova Track And Field

Citta Di Padova Track And Field

In the beginning, back in 1987, it happened. From 1993 to 2018, the meeting was held at the Stadio Euganeo because the Daciano Colbacchini Stadium wasn’t available for use. The competition is part of the bronze-tier World Athletics continental tour.

At the moment, the men’s 100-meter event record is held by American Michael Norman (9.97), and the women’s event record is held by Australian Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (10.01). (10.98)

When and where to watch the LIVE STREAM of the Citta di Padova 2022 Meeting
It is not currently possible to watch the Citta Di Padova 2022 Meeting via livestream. As more details become available, we will post them on our site.

Event Times For the Citta Di Padova Track And Field 2022 Meeting

At 3:55 p.m., the Junior and Senior and Master divisions will begin their respective competitions. At 5:30 p.m., the invitational competition programme will begin.

Timing Race
17:30 Long Jump Men
17:40 110 Hurdles Men
17:50 100 Hurdles Women
17:55 High Jump Men
18:05 400m Men
18:10 Triple Jump Women
18:15 800m Women
18:30 400m Women
18:35 Weight M / Sp M
18:50 100m Heat 1 Women
18:55 100m Heat 2 Women
19:10 1500m Men
19:20 100m Heat 1 Men
19:25 100m Heat 2 Men