Did Navarro Cheer Win in 2022

Lockdown prevented Season 2 of Cheer from focusing on Navarro’s quest to win the 2020 NCA National Championship in Daytona. Varsity cancelled the event, so Navarro had to start over for 2021, and they still had plenty of issues to cope with in addition to the state of the globe.

Did Navarro Cheer Win in 2022

Conflict between Coach Monica Aldama and La’Darius Marshall, who eventually left the squad, was a major plot point in Season 2. (he later showed up to Daytona to support Navarro and reconcile with Monica). While the rest of the team was still in shock after Jerry Harris’ arrest in 2020.

Did Navarro Cheer Win in 2022

And to top it all off, Navarro’s toughest opponent, Trinity Valley Community College, led by Coach Vontae Johnson, was ramping up their efforts. After losing to Navarro in Season 1, the club added talented new players like Angel Rice and was determined to redeem themselves.

TVCC became a far more formidable adversary after hiring Brad Vaughan, the former choreographer for Navarro.

What exactly transpired, then?

The beginning was rough for TVCC. Tumbler Devonte “Dee” Joseph’s unsuccessful landing on his knees prevented him from finishing part of his routine, and the Cardinals failed to land their pyramid. Day 1 results weren’t disastrous, but they weren’t good enough to prevent the Cardinals from making a comeback.

So that’s what they did. TVCC Coach Khris Franklin gave a post-game pep talk in which he said the judges were rooting for them as well (“These scores tell me that they want it to be you”), and the team was able to learn from its mistakes and have a successful Day 2.

While Navarro’s initial performance was impressive, the team’s fatal flaw occurred the next day when flier Gillian Rupert slipped and fell at a pivotal juncture. It was a lucky save that her teammates caught her before she was wounded. After the routine ended, she walked off the stage in tears.

Last Words

Her fellow Bulldogs didn’t hold Gill responsible, but the error appears to have been enough to dethrone Navarro as champion. In the end, TVCC prevailed over Navarro at Daytona, winning the 2021 NCA National Championship by a margin of only.

1584. Navarro, however, was able to walk away with their heads held high despite failing to win their 15th championship.