10 Best Alternatives to FMovies in 2021

Stuck at home and do not know what to do? All right, there is a remedy for this. There are thousands of websites which help you to have fun and entertainment free of cost. FMovies can be said now to help you to make time for watching movies. FMovies provides free online HD movies without waiting to watch advertisements. You can view a variety of categories like animation, horror, adventure, Historical, and action movies by which you can watch online or by simply downloading the movie.

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Here there are best alternatives to FMovies where you can go through this if you are not satisfied with FMovies. They are:

1. Movie Tube

Movie tube offers you to watch supreme quality movies for free. It categorizes into genre, type, size, and released year and actors bases. It makes users easy to search his desired movies within a short time. Also downloading the movies from a movie tube can save your time and it consists of 250p-1080p size movies in which users can select which size they need according to their device compatibility. Some of the features of Movie Tube are:


  • Downloading the movies without registration is possible in a movie tube.
  • On Movie tube, you can find all legal servicing movies at free of cost only.
  • The database of movie tube is extensive and dates back to 1950 as well as all the unreleased films up to 2019 are available.
  • This gives an adequate chance to review their favorite movies and excess information about the cast featured.
  • It does not support piracy and services are granted legally.

2. House Movie

House movie gives access to all the movies in the universe for free. The name itself indicates that you can watch movies online at home itself if you have a good internet connection. House movie makes it happen to give you fast, quality content in which you like the way of it. The following are the highlights of the house movie:


  • It gives the latest updates if you get subscribed to any of the social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and so on.
  • It safeguards the security of the users by all its means
  • It does not have any end and it keeps on uploading of all the movies over time.
  • It provides you to interact with a worldwide community of a film on mobile and social media.
  • It has an editorial franchise to excite and engage movie and TV lovers.

3. Download Hub

Download hub provides online HD movies for free but it has some legitimate issues. It is a pirate website and its services are carried illegally. Usage of VPN along with download hub will help the website to perform efficiently. It is a notorious website that steals licensed materials and TV shows before and after release time. These are some of the highlights of download hub:


  • Download hub is the best selection of having HD print and quality content.
  • This website consists of movies of different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and so on according to the user’s preferences.
  • Although it is a piracy website it does not have any sort of viruses that attack the user’s devices.
  • Download hub does not ask you any private information and provides you to download for free.
  • It is no better to completely rely on this website for a long time because it can be blocked at any time.

4. BOB Movies

Bob movies is a movie piracy site where people come to watch the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil and Telugu movies. Due to legal issues, it has been blocked in the USA. Most of the users will communicate with the website for queries and support. It has become popular worldwide within a short period because millions of people trusting this website. The following are the highlights of bob movies:


  • It consists of 24*7 customer support where the customer support team always strives to solve the user’s issues.
  • It also consists of apk which is an add free application and unlimited streaming downloads.
  • An apk of bob movies consists of additional features in which it is compatible with any device.
  • The website suggests using a VPN to get rid of all piracy issues and entering of malware.
  • For desktop users, it is suggested to use tunnelbear where piracy issues are prevented.

5. HD Popcorn

HD popcorn is used to view free HD quality movies online. It explores popular qualities and formats of Hollywood, Bollywood movies of a variety of genres. It updated version shows up the movies on iPhone, Android phone, tablets, and desktops also. Therefore HD popcorn website is giving both the quality and quantity of the movies to its users. The following are the highlights of the HD popcorn website:


  • It provides compatibility to any of the devices by providing access to any of the platforms that make users fascinated.
  • It also provides TV shows and web series at all your perfection overall the year.
  • The high rated movies and genre are organized in a decreased order.
  • The platform is always up to date and new features are added every time.
  • A high number of users assured that this is one of the best websites for downloading movies and TV shows.

6. Movie DDL

Movie DDL is a movie database where users can download any number of movies for free that too in HD quality. Movie DDL means movie direct download where you can directly download movies that are saved in the mobile or desktop gallery. It is not compatible with every device. But the developers are striving to make it a compatible free. The following are the features of Movie DDL:


  • It consists of downloaded movie links for all the movies that are released during the last years.
  • Movie DDL indexes file-sharing sites for the newest download links and publishes new updates daily.
  • It is a fully automated database and the platform is compatible every time.
  • Without any premium account and registration a new user also can download movies at any time.
  • It welcomes the user to download movies by genre, language, release date, and so on.

7. Movie Watcher

Movie watcher is used to browse and watch all types of movies in HD quality that are downloaded for free. Analysis has claimed that Movie watcher is safe to browse and does not have any of the legal issues. Therefore millions of users started to trust the website and download the content. The website is tested and reports are placed on the website itself to make sure that this website does not have any legitimate issues. The following are the highlights of the movie watcher. They are:


  • The website offers internet users with a massive collection of pirated versions of copyrighted materials at free of cost.
  • The website is blocked in certain areas of India to make free from illegal content.
  • The website has a popularity of world rank 9,887 which consists of lakhs of users and make them to download unlimited movies and web series.
  • The position is based on traffic accumulation across a high number of internet users in the world.
  • The webpage intends to inform the general public regarding piracy and help them always in order to protect from piracy issues.

8. HD Movies Point

HD movies point is a dual point audio website where you can watch videos clear audio and movies of premium HD quality. It is a piracy movie website where all movies are downloaded illegally. This website is the best-known downloader for Hindi movies, series, shows, and other copyrighted content illegally. The website is hosting itself from time to time on several mirror pages and proxies to illicit and avoid negative reports. The following are the features of HD movies point:


  • A website that provides statistics on websites across various categories is none other than HD movies point.
  • It has increased the number of users who are visiting the website over the last 90 days and is staying truthful to users.
  • It is fast, safe as well as easy to use HD movies point due to its promise to its users to get rid of illicit data.
  • It organizes movies into featured, high rated, musical hits, dubbed, action, horror, thriller, and of different languages including genre. It also provides additional information about the cast .
  • It consists of motion picture images and information of every newly uploaded images in the website.

9. See HD

According to its name, the movies are downloaded for free in HD quality with a short-size memory. The website consists of only legal movie links that are released recently and streaming movies. It has the largest database that contains more than lakhs of movies. It is an excellent movie website that downloads movie fastly, freely, and in a secured manner. It warns the user from time to time not to download movies from external links that are provided from another website so that the website will not be responsible for any inconvenience that occurred to that user. The following are the features of see HD:


  • It offers free streaming and even downloads as well as sharing with others
  • The user interface is straightforward except for some pop-up ads that always remain possible at the top of the page.
  • For the convenience of the user, the search bar is placed at the top so that, users can search according to their preference.
  • The menu layout of the website is incredible so that options can be filtered and movies are differentiated according to categories.
  • It has an excellent platform so that, every device is compatible, and buffering is controlled with the removal of ads.

10. Archive Movie

Archive movie website is a legal website where you can download any streaming movie for free on the internet. Movies of archives are sub-categorized into Animation and cartoons, Computers and technology, Sports videos, and so on. It consists of more than 1,00,000 legal downloads throughout the world. The database of Archive files range from books, concerns to historical news broadcasts.It offers a non-profitable service to the users. The site managers of archive encourage people to upload content to the servers. The following are the features of Archive:


  • An introduction to a massive archive movie website had changed the downloading movies stream successfully.
  • An archive movie website creates a backup of anything that is being uploaded on a web.
  • If you make use of the website you have a lot to learn and store up.
  • The archive simply checks that the people who are uploading the movie and video files have the right o share them or not and if yes, it grants the permission to the user.
  • You can also find classic documentaries and short films that are virtually absent in other corners of the web and makes it possible in the archive website.


Thereby all the above-mentioned websites are free of cost and guarantee vast entertainment to users of the websites. It makes you learn all the new things of the trending world as well as live entertainment to the bottle-neck.

All these websites developers strive to give you better utilization of the website without any inconvenience and help its users in 24×7 environment. However, these site managers also instruct you to do not use external links that contain malware.

Also, these damages occurring generally the website developers do not carry any sole responsibility to your damages. But they help and suggest in your times of need. They suggest you to download VPN and anti-software tools that helps you to get rid of illegal content. Website managers are striving continuously for giving updates so that users can make better use of websites.