GoGuardian 10k US 22m 200m Tiger

GoGuardian, a provider of software solutions for schools, has reportedly secured $200 million in funding from Tiger Global Management.

As a result of this transaction, investors still see promise in the education technology market, even in the wake of the epidemic. Continue reading our article GoGuardian 10k US 22m 200m Tiger.

GoGuardian 10k US 22m 200m Tiger

GoGuardian 10k US 22m 200m Tiger

The valuation of GoGuardian has increased to over $1 billion thanks to the backing of investors like Sumeru Equity Partners LP.

GoGuardian, which began its adventure in 2014 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, is an online security company. It all started with a Chrome extension that lets schools monitor and restrict pupils’ online behaviour.

Like many other ed-tech startups, GoGuardian saw an uptick in interest as the pandemic wore on. Advait Shinde, CEO of the company, claims that sales increased by 150% and that the company has been cash flow positive from day one.

GoGuardian has signed agreements with multiple states

A total of 22 million American students in grades K-12 use the company’s products at over 10,000 educational institutions across the country. Clients now reside in 22 of the 25 largest districts in the United States, up from 11 in the age before the pandemic.

This year, GoGuardian has signed agreements with multiple states, including West Virginia and Delaware. The corporation expects to get into other agreements of this nature.

Ed-Tech Investment will Reach $404 Billion

The K-12 market has tremendous potential on a worldwide scale, and millions of iPads and Chromebooks have already been acquired by schools for their kids in the past year. It has been projected that by 2025, ed-tech investment will reach $404 billion. There have been reports that it is still less than 6% of total education budgets.

Large sums of money from Tiger Global have been put into China’s online schooling system. There has been a recent decline in this industry in China due to restrictions imposed by the government.

As of now, GoGuardian is only available in the United States, although CEO and founder Shinde has stated his intention to expand internationally after receiving additional investment. According to John Curtius, a partner at Tiger Global, GoGuardian provides a comprehensive SaaS platform that enhances the quality of K-12 instruction.

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The only student information the company obtains is that which is already owned by the respective educational institutions, he continued. Thanks for reading our article GoGuardian 10k US 22m 200m Tiger. Continue reading and have a good day.