Top 5 “Gold Watches for Women” in 2023

The right item can elevate any ensemble. Jewelry is arguably more significant than any other accessory outside of shoes and purses. One piece of jewelry that is often forgotten about, though, is a gold watch.

What started as a practical item during the war is now an essential accessory worn by both sexes. But where should one look for the ideal gold timepiece? Byrdie enlisted the aid of Brynn Wallner, author, watch aficionado, and creator of the website Dimepiece.

Both experienced shoppers and novices can find all they need at Wallner’s Dimepiece. Watch buying guides are available, and the site also sells timepieces. While looking for gold watches, though, what advice does Wallner have to offer?

Gold Watches for Women

In an email, she advised, “My recommendation to everyone is to buy what you love.” As long as the work appeals to you, it is fine to ignore watch community favorites and respect admiration.

What Clothes Should You Wear With Women’s Gold Watches?

The conventional wisdom holds that women should complement their business attire with gold-toned wristwatches. After all, everyone notices a gold watch. You wouldn’t want to pair anything so bright with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Don’t wear your gold watch every day, but save it for special occasions instead. Your gold watch deserves all the attention it can get. Wearing one every day would get old quickly, as would pairing it with everyday attire.

You should wear a suit jacket with long cuffs that reach your upper wrist instead. Keep the watch visible at all times by rolling up the sleeve, if necessary. Wearing a gold watch but failing to draw attention to it is a common faux pas. When wearing a gold watch, it is important to draw attention to it, thus long sleeves or partially undone sleeves detract from the piece.

1. Sonata Play Analog Rose Gold Watch for Women

Sonata offers the appropriate plating colors for each event, whether you’re trying for a formal, trendy, or holiday aesthetic. Choose from a large inventory, even Rose Gold watches. Millions women’s hopes and achievements are reflected in the design. You may wear the strap proudly on your wrist because it is both fashionable and functional.

2. Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington has amassed a sizable Instagram following and established itself as a frontrunner in the affordable luxury watch market in recent years. This watch is a classic that will always be in style, and that’s why we adore it.

The neutral gold tone of the metal complements a broad variety of skin tones, while the round face in an eggshell color is both understated and stylish. This classic style is perfect for any event or occasion, since it can be easily dressed up or down.

3. Michele Deco Mid Watch

This watch is made of stainless steel and has a square face with softened corners for a more feminine take on a traditional style. A beautiful braided band holds the mother-of-pearl dial in place, while the dial itself is encircled by diamonds.

For many years, this luxury watchmaker has been a favorite among customers for its classic designs, high craftsmanship, and reasonable prices in comparison to other brands.

4. Nordgreen Native Watch

When you buy a watch from Nordgreen, you get to pick the face color, metal, and band that you like. Leather, faux leather, mesh, links, nylon, and rubber are just some of the bands available to create the look you want.

Depending on the options you choose, the price may go up or down, but you can still buy a fantastic watch for about $200.

5. Piaget Polo

If you’re like us, the idea that you’re also purchasing a piece of history when you buy a vintage item makes it easier to justify the higher price tag. This Piaget Polo from the 1970s is an unique and exquisite timepiece that might be given new life with a splurge.

It’s constructed of solid 18k gold, has a simple, straight style that goes well with other pieces of jewelry or can stand alone, and has a semi-hidden face that makes it stand out.


And have no fear; there are many alternatives to choose from regardless of your budget. “If you’re on a tighter budget, I always suggest vintage Seiko, Heuer, Timex [or] hunt through eBay and discover an older watch with a unique design,” she stated.

“There are also fashion watches,” which are typically available at lower price points and offer more seasonal, trend-forward options; and among the luxury brands, my favorites are Cartier, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek, and Patek – the classics.”