Has Floyd Mayweather Ever Lost a Fight

The record of Floyd Mayweather in the ring is flawless. Floyd Mayweather has done nothing but win since turning pro, both in terms of his record and his record-breaking earnings.

However, “Pretty Boy” Floyd lost in the Olympic finals in Atlanta and had to settle for the bronze medal before he could turn pro. For more Information About the Has Floyd Mayweather Ever Lost a Fight.

Has Floyd Mayweather Ever Lost a Fight

Has Floyd Mayweather Ever Lost a Fight: Todorov of Bulgaria knocks out Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather was on the losing side of his semifinal match against Serafim Todorov back in the 1996 Summer Olympics. The future king of the ring had just suffered his last defeat.

Mayweather put up a valiant effort both inside and beyond the ring. When the bout went to a decision, Egyptian referee Hamad Hafaz Shouman jumped the gun and waved Floyd’s hand, only to find that the judges had sided with the Bulgarian.

Earlier that Summer, Sanchez had Beaten Floyd.

Mayweather had been defeated by Augie Sanchez in a qualifying bout earlier that summer, with the score ending 11-12. Floyd recovered from his losses and defeated Sanchez twice in a row to book his trip to Atlanta.

The loss against Todorov was the most divisive and contentious of Mayweather’s professional career.

Emil Jetchev, a Bulgarian, oversaw the boxing officials at the Atlanta Olympics. The American team promptly appealed the judge’s 10-9 ruling in favour of Todorov. The U.S. team claimed its star 125-pounder was scoring unrecognised punches, while the Bulgarian team said their opponent was receiving undeserved points.

Mayweather’s Amateur Career was Cut Short Due to Olympic Competition.

As a result of the fight, Judge Bill Waeckerle resigned from the federation and his position as an Olympic Games judge, citing the organization’s officiating as the reason for his departure.

In doing so, he paved the way for Mayweather to go unbeaten in his professional boxing career. We’re all aware that I was taken advantage of. This is the point in my life where I have to start acting like a real professional. Floyd declared after the 1996 semifinals, “I can’t cope with amateur boxing anymore.”

Last Words

Mayweather has gone a perfect 50 for 50 since the Todorov fight. Floyd reflected, “It made me try and work hard to get to where I’m at today.”

Although the June 6 exhibition fight between “Money” Mayweather and YouTuber and amateur boxer Logan Paul will not count against or against either fighter’s professional record, “Money” Mayweather is still putting his reputation on the line. Thanks for reading our article The record of Floyd Mayweather in the ring is flawless..