How to Make a Flying Machine in Minecraft

Would you like to learn how to construct a Flying Machine in Minecraft so you can easily and quickly tour the world? Using Minecraft’s tools and systems, players may realize their wildest creative visions, from elaborate sculptures to fully functional elevators.

The Flying Machine is one example of a such device. If you’re familiar with the fundamentals of Minecraft’s mechanisms, you can make a variety of Flying Machines, albeit in all cases you’ll require an Observer Block and a Slime Block.

Because the number and variety of Flying Machines are only constrained by one’s own creativity, it is difficult to communicate everything there is to know about them.

How to Make a Flying Machine in Minecraft

Our tutorial will teach you the fundamentals of constructing a Flying Machine and provide instructions for constructing one of many such machines found in Minecraft. This article covers all the information about how to make a flying machine in Minecraft.

Flying Machine Will be Built in Air

You will need scaffolding or temporary blocks to reach the top of the sky when constructing this flying vehicle. Scaffolding may be used by putting it on the ground and then selecting it with the mouse.

Doing so will result in a vertical structure. Just destroying the base block will cause the entire scaffolding to collapse. The components of this structure are readily available, while slime blocks may be more challenging to track down.

Nine slimeballs combine to form a slime block. Killing slimes that spawn in slime chunks below layer 40 is the only way to obtain these.

Even though slime chunks can be hard to come by at times, this detector is always at hand. Enter the name of your seed, and the map will show you the location of every bit of slime in the world.

These are the Blocks You’ll Need Before Crafting a Flying Machine

Until they come to a stop, flying machines travel through the air above the land. There are several methods to put them to use, but one common one is to simply ride them across the playing field.

In Minecraft, if you want to construct a working flying machine, you’ll have to look about for the various parts you’ll need before you can start putting them together. It could take a while to collect all of these blocks because some of them are trickier to find than others.

In order to construct an aircraft, you will need:

  • Pistons (either regular or sticky)
  • Immovable blocks (like obsidian)
  • Redstone blocks (not just Redstone)
  • Observers
  • Slime blocks OR
  • Honey blocks

There isn’t much of a difference between the structures available in the Java and Bedrock editions, so you can utilize the same components while constructing an airship in either.

How to Make a Flying Machine in Minecraft

The attributes of a wide variety of Minecraft machinery and materials can be harnessed to create the Flying Machine. Much time is required in the game before you can grasp the nuances of the attributes of each item.

Yet in the end, you will be able to build real airplanes and spacecraft that look the part. Make sure the flying machine’s foundation is high enough so that it can reach the altitude you desire.

The machine will continue to fly horizontally at a constant speed without ever descending. Until it collides with something, it won’t slow down either. There should be two sticky pistons, two observers, and four honey blocks available. (also known as slug blocks) Well, so let’s get started.

Step 1: Start by orienting your first Observer so that it points away from a Sticky Piston. This needs to be raised to the desired altitude of flight for the machine. For the y-axis:

Step 2: To use the Sticky Piston, line up two Honey Blocks (or Slime Blocks) in front of it. When you’re in the air, you want to be standing on these Honey Bricks.

Step 3: Simply repeat steps 1 and 2 to create another identical construction next to the first, this time facing in the opposite direction.


The clever invention of Minecraft’s flying devices has allowed gamers to soar through the skies like real birds (hence the name). Fortunately, they are simple to construct and permit unobstructed flight (such as trees or water).

The ability to fly around while not actively playing the game is another common usage for flying devices (such as traveling in the End). All the steps necessary to construct a working airplane in Minecraft are outlined in this article. Hope now you are aware how to make a flying machine in Minecraft.