I Was Born a Dog I Identify as a Dog

The ability to view videos of the cutest pets is one of the many reasons why TikTok is so popular. We may spend hours on the app watching stuff connected to animals, whether it be people showing off their pets or discussing their occupations related to animals.

There’s a new fad on TikTok that goes something like, “I can’t help it if I look like a dog because of my origins. I consider myself a canine.” But how did the trend start and what are users doing for it?

I Was Born a Dog I Identify as a Dog

What is the “I Was Born a Dog, I Identify as a Dog” Trend on TikTok?enon: What’s the Deal?

TikTok user rott n chugs creates videos with her three dogs, Peanut, Daisy, and Harley, along with the currently popular pet-related audio effects. The account shared a video with its own voiceover on May 1, 2022.

A narrator states, “Here is Peanut, the prettiest dog in the world.” “I’ve always been a canine. As far as I’m concerned, I’m a dog. But my mum says I’m still a baby.” The first three lines are all spoken by the same person in the recording.

However, the “I’m only a baby” comes from a different viral audio clip produced by user Little. Blooming. Women. With Little.Blooming. In this clip from a podcast for women, a mother is instructing her little daughter, “Coco, when Mommy says stop you say alright,” to which Coco responds, “I’m just a baby.”

When Mom tries to convince Coco that she needs to pay attention, Coco retorts, “I’m just a baby!” All of the apps have had the audio reuploaded. Today, individuals are using the rott n chugs sounds to make videos about their own fur pups. There are a lot of pet movies hiding under there, where individuals brag about their furry family members.

“I Was Born a Dog, I Identify as a Dog” Trend is Pretty Simple and About Furry Babies

Anyone who has used TikTok for more than five minutes will attest to the fact that the site is constantly teeming with fresh ideas. TikTok users consistently surprise and delight the community with creative uses of the app, whether it’s a dare, a meme, or a trend.

All of these features contribute to the platform’s overall appeal. The “I was born a dog” trend is one among the most popular ones on TikTok right now. This completely innocent trend features the original soundtrack from the “I’m just a baby” video that went popular in 2014.

Let’s just say that people on #dogtok were quick to point out that their pets are, in fact, babies. The pattern can be stated in a few words. Using the song “I was born a dog” as the soundtrack, TikTok users post videos of their adorably cute pets.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m a dog. But my mom says I’m still a baby, so I guess that doesn’t count. The last line of this TikTok parody uses audio from the February 2022 “I’m just a baby” video that went viral.

What Family Made the “I’m Just a Baby” Audio?

The audio for “I’m only a baby” was reportedly produced by Jordan Faeh, a mother, as reported by The Tab. She is the mastermind behind the popular Little.Blooming.Women Instagram account, which boasts over 303,000 followers as of this writing.

Unfortunately, being a viral audio sensation on TikTok doesn’t protect you from the app’s wrath. In March of 2022, Jordan claimed that she had been banned from her primary TikTok account and shared a video on her other account, Little.Blooming.

When Jordan went to access his account recently, he was met with the message, “TikTok has permanently banned your account without warning or explanation.” She added that she had tried to reach out to the app to figure out how to obtain the account back with no success and went out to listeners of her podcast for help.

It appears that Jordan has regained access to the account, as new videos date back to May 2022, long after the original video pleading for assistance was uploaded. The “I’m just a baby” video has over 80 million views on its original account.


Videos of charming animals have always gone viral online, and this pattern continues on TikTok, where videos of pets regularly receive millions of views and likes. There are also accounts that are solely for the pets of their owners and have amassed significant followings.

The latest fad on the app has individuals showing off their pets to the voiceover of a meme that reads, “I was born a dog, I identify as a dog, but according to my mum, I simply a baby.”