Italian Mixed Doubles Curling Team 2022

Italy’s historic Mixed-Doubles Olympic gold medal triumph

When Stefania Constantini and Amos Mosaner beat Norway 8-5 in the Mixed Doubles Gold Medal final on Tuesday night, they made history as the first Italian curling Olympic winners.

Italian Mixed Doubles Curling Team 2022

Italian Mixed Doubles Curling Team 2022

In winning this match, the Italian duo capped off a perfect week in which they were unbeaten in all 11 of their scheduled matches.

Norway, though, jumped up to an early lead after Constantini’s wide nudge attempt in the first end cost her team two points.

Italy tied the game at two in the second end. In the third end, Norway’s Kristin Skaslien faced four Italian counters due to strong buildup play by the Italian women.

Skaslien played an attacking move, putting three of the Italian stones inside her own while leaving one in scoring position.

This was a game-winning theft for Italy, putting them ahead 3-2.

That Game was Decided at the Fourth End.

Despite being countered by three Italians, Skaslien returned back to the game and tried raising her own stone again.

Italy took a 6-2 lead into the fourth-end break after stealing three stones (despite having three stones in the cluster).

The Norwegians came storming back in the second half to cut into Italy’s lead, and in the fifth end, with Italy lying four, Skaslien kept her cool to draw inside all of them and score a single point, bringing the score to 6-3.

In the sixth end, with Italy leading 7-3, Constantini’s final draw was longer than she had hoped, preventing Italy from scoring the two points they had hoped for.

Norway did not give up and scored two points in the seventh end to cut Italy’s lead to seven, 5-3.

A clean take-out opportunity presented itself to Constantini in the ninth end, and she took it with poise, removing both counting Norway stones while leaving her own in place to collect an extra point. That was the deciding factor in her team’s historic 8-5 victory.

Stefania Constantini, who played in the game, reflected on the victory as follows: “It’s the dream of every athlete, it’s very fantastic, it was my dream, our dream, and it’s really good because we worked hard to attain this goal — and now the goal medal is ours!”

The final score of the Gold Medal Mixed Doubles match was Italy 8, Norway 5.

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