Jake From State Farm Net Worth, Actor, Memes, Characters, Social Media Platforms, And More

Jake from State Farm is a name that has become synonymous with the American insurance company, State Farm. The company’s ingenious advertising campaigns, featuring the character Jake, have not only gained widespread popularity but also boosted the company’s image and brand identity.

This article will explore the character Jake from State Farm, the actors who have played him, the memes and costumes inspired by him, and the character’s presence on various platforms such as Wikipedia, Twitter, and Instagram.

Jake From State Farm Net Worth

Jake from State Farm: The Icon

Jake from State Farm first appeared in a commercial in 2011, where he was portrayed by an actual State Farm employee, Jake Stone. The commercial, featuring Jake’s late-night phone conversation with a customer, became an instant hit and gave birth to the now-famous tagline, “What are you wearing, Jake from State Farm?”

In 2020, State Farm decided to revive the iconic character but chose a new face, Kevin Mimms (also known as Kevin Miles), a professional actor, to play the role.

Kevin Mimms, the New Jake from State Farm

Born on February 25, 1990, Kevin Mimms, the actor currently known as Jake from State Farm, is 33 years old as of 2023. He stands at approximately 6 feet tall. Not much is known about Kevin’s parents or his personal life as he maintains a low-key profile.

While it is difficult to ascertain Kevin Mimms’ exact net worth, it’s safe to say that his role as Jake from State Farm, combined with his other acting gigs, has contributed significantly to his financial standing.

Jake from State Farm: Costume and Meme Culture

The character Jake from State Farm has been immortalized in American pop culture, inspiring countless memes and even Halloween costumes. Jake’s signature red shirt and khaki pants have become an iconic look, recognized by many as the “Jake from State Farm costume.”

Jake’s ordinary and relatable character, coupled with the comedic undertone of the commercials, has led to the creation of numerous memes shared across various social media platforms, further solidifying Jake from State Farm’s place in pop culture.

Old Jake from State Farm vs. New Jake

The original Jake from State Farm, Jake Stone, was a real-life employee of the company. He won the role over his colleagues in an internal casting call.

The new Jake, Kevin Mimms, is a professional actor chosen to continue the character’s legacy. While the actors are different, the essence of Jake from State Farm remains the same, serving as a friendly and helpful representative of the State Farm brand.

Jake from State Farm’s Presence on Wikipedia, Twitter, and Instagram

While Jake from State Farm is a fictional character, his impact is certainly real. The character has a dedicated page on Wikipedia, providing information about his inception and evolution over the years.

State Farm maintains a Twitter account @StateFarm, where Jake from State Farm often features in posts. The same is true for State Farm’s Instagram account @statefarm, where pictures and clips of Jake are regularly shared.

In conclusion,

Jake from State Farm is an iconic character that has left an indelible mark on advertising and pop culture.

Through clever marketing, State Farm has made Jake a recognizable figure, serving as the friendly face of insurance, and he’s sure to continue making an impact in the years to come.