M. Leleux Romero Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A little over a year ago, Morgann LeLeux Romero was training for the US Olympic Trials, where she hoped to place in the top three in the pole vault and thereby qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

M. Leleux Romero Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The 2020 Olympics were scheduled to take place in 2020, however they were postponed to 2021 because to the COVID outbreak that began in March.

M. Leleux Romero Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

LeLeux Romero, owner of 10 LHSAA State Championships, two SEC Championships, a Sun Belt Championship, and the UL record holder in the pole vault, is less than a week away from the first round of the pole vault in the US Olympic Trials, which begins next Saturday.

He is hoping to be one of the final 12 competitors and to place in the top three, which would qualify him to compete in the Tokyo Olympics.

LeLeux Romero explained, “There are twenty-four of us going to the preliminary rounds, and then the last twelve compete for three seats.” “I really feel like I mean it this time.”

Three Times is the Charm for LeLeux Romero at the Olympic Trials.

Previously, she had placed 13th, and in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, she placed fourth and was an alternate.

The first time around, all she wanted to do was “have fun and acquire the experience,” she added. My self-worth was severely questioned the second time around, and I felt like I had to prove myself.

“I’m giving it my all this time.”

LeLeux Romero had devoted a significant portion of her life to this moment, her third opportunity to wear the Red, White, and Blue of the American Olympic Team, ever since the heartbreak of missing out on going to the Olympics by inches.

LeLeux Romero lamented, “The last five years have been hard.” I’ve been testing many approaches to find the ones that work best for me.

All the elements have been falling into place and coming together for this year, for this time.

It’s been a very trying year. LeLeux Romero had just cleared the Olympic A level and was on the cusp of making the squad when the world suddenly went dark.

“Having that taken away was awful, but I was trying to find some good in it,” she explained. After all my hard work, I knew I would be given another year to complete my goal.

I had another year to put into practise all I was learning and experimenting with and to become accustomed to the methods I was employing.

Despite that, discussions about delaying or cancelling the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo persisted. LeLeux Romero seemed unfazed by the comments made about her.

Last Words

She plans to leave for Oregon on Monday, practise lightly on Tuesday while getting her credentials and medicals in order, relax and meditate Wednesday, compete in the preliminary rounds on Thursday, take Friday off, and then compete in the finals on Saturday with the hopes of placing in the top three and earning a ticket to Tokyo.

She plans to bring 10 poles with her so that if anything happens, she would have her own pole to use as a makeshift weapon. On Thursday, the tournament will begin at 7 p.m. in Oregon (5 p.m. The time now is 8:40 PM PST. Saturday. Thanks for reading our article M. Leleux Romero Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.