Top 9 Best Oil Drain Pans

    If you like to keep your car’s engine in a good condition then you must be familiar with the fact how important it is to routinely change your car’s engine oil; unless, you own an electric car.

    However, if you like to change it by yourself then you know how frustrating & time consuming it can get trying to scrub away those oil marks, from your clothes & or your garage or from your hands.

    Well, some people however prefer it get it done by a dealer or a mechanic also. If you like to do it on your own then there are bunch of tools.

    You will need which includes a jack, jack stands, oil filter wrench, an oil drain pan to catch all your old oil with addition to a replacement oil filter and new oil for your engine.

    If to talk practically most of the oil drain pans are similar, but they can differ in their holding capacity & some may have more versatile designs.

    So, before choosing one for your usage, be sure to check for its capacity because if your car has a larger engine such as V8 then you will need a larger drain pan.

    Why Do I Need an Oil Catch Pan?

    When you opt for changing your car’s engine oil, you will need a container to catch all those spurts or squirts that will eventually get out while doing so.

    People often ask why can’t they just use a bucket to catch used oil instead of spending their money on an oil drain pan.

    Well, if you use a bucket then you will have to fit your bucket under your car which can be a bit difficult actually and the oil can be hot especially.

    If you have run the engine before the draining process, which means you will need a bucket that can withstand high temperature as well.

    And even if you succeed in doing the draining steps using a bucket, you will have to dispose of that old oil, you cannot store it right.

    And you can’t just throw that old oil in drainage, you will need to take that oil to an auto parts store or service station for safe disposal. Practically you can’t do all that in an old pain bucket.

    That is why, it is necessary to buy an oil drain pan because it they have a shorter and larger form factor, which means they can easily fit under your vehicle and also cover a greater area against oil spills.

    Oil drain pans are heat resistant, made up of high-quality materials and they are safe to carry, prevents spillage during disposal process.

    How to Choose the Best Oil Drain Pan?

    Even though most of the oil drain pans are similar but, there are few things that must be considered before buying one for your use:

    1. Capacity

    The first thing to note before buying an oil drain pan is its capacity, you will need to buy a product that is big enough to catch & hold the total amount of oil from your car.

    On average a passenger car holds between 5 – 8 quarts of oil which is 4.5-7.5 liters. A basic rule is to aim for a double holding capacity pan.

    That a pan with around 16 quarts of capacity will be enough to hold drained oil and can be used twice before disposing off the oil.

    It is recommended to not go for a pan bigger than 16 quarts, otherwise, you will find yourself storing a low usage pan around your garage for no reason.

    2. Size and Shape

    It is advisable to buy a pan that is short enough to fit under your car because oil sump and its drain plug are located under the vehicle, using gravity as a plus point to drain oil.

    Pan should be short but large enough to cover a larger area under your vehicle to prevent oil spillage.

    3. Ease of Transportation

    Always, always go for a product i.e., an oil drain pan that is easy to carry and transport for the disposal process.

    It should consist of a sturdy handle, a sealing cap, and a large stable & strong base, to assist efficient transportation.

    4. Spout

    It is a necessary feature you will definitely need during oil disposal without having to worry about any oil spillage.

    You will need to empty oil drain pan, whether you do it after every single use or when your pan is full; but you will have to do it eventually, so you might as well do it perfectly without any oil stains or spills.

    5. Quality and Durability

    By quality, we mean that always look & buy a pan that is heat-resistant and is bale to tolerate high temperatures; just in case you drain hot oil.

    Plus make sure to buy a pan made of high-quality materials because that ensures durability and can be used for a longer period of time.

    In case you buy a pan with metal parts, be sure to look for one with anti-rust & anti-corrosion features.

    Generally, oil drain pans are quite affordable so, if you have to spend a few more budgets for a better-quality product, don’t be afraid to do so.

    Top 9 Best Oil Drain Pans

    Now, let us look at the list of best oil drain pans:

    1. Hopkins FloTool Super Duty Drain Container

    One of the best-selling oil drain pans on Amazon is our number 1 choice, the reason being it combines the work of two into one making the whole process of oil changing easier.

    By “combining the function of two into one” we mean that it acts as a drip tray and also as a container as well.

    It is equipped with a nice wide area tray for oil catching and a leak-proof container with heavy-duty caps & seals for store the oil, ergonomic handles for easy holding, and elongated basins to prevent oil spills.

    It can hold around 15 liters of used oil, which means you can easily empty your vehicle’s oil tank before emptying it.

    You can store it either upright or on its side without any leakage. This is made using heavy-duty materials in the U.S.A, which accounts for its durability.

    Key features :

    • 15 liters (16 quarts) capacity,
    • Wide catching tray,
    • Leak-proof design,
    • Sturdy ergonomic handles,
    • Can be stored either flat or upright,
    • Durable,
    • Easy-to-transport,
    • Made in the U.S.A.

    2. ATD Tools Black Drain Pan

    If you are looking for a more basic but with more storing capacity oil drain pan, then you can buy ATD Tools Black Drain Pan.

    It has an 18 quarts oil storing capacity and is 6″ deep with a 15.25″ diameter. Its other features include an anti-splash lip, which prevents oil spills, and ensures that oil stays within the drain pan.

    It has a large spout on one end which helps in easy pouring without using a funnel while disposing off the oil and its sturdy molded handles help in convenient carrying.

    As aforementioned, this is the basic product but its convenient design is loved by many users (which makes it the 2nd best choice).

    Key features :

    • 18 quarts storing capacity,
    • 25″ diameter & 6″ deep,
    • Anti-splash lip,
    • Large Spout,
    • Sturdy molded handles.

    3. Lumax Black Drainmaster Pan

    Next, we have Lumax Black Drainmaster Pan with a 15-quart oil storing capacity. The drain pan consists of an 8″ large opening that comes with a screw cap in, which can be used with dirty oil filters as well.

    It is manufactured using heavy-duty materials and has an E-Z handles design with E-Z roll-wheels.

    Its catch-all basket helps you to easily retrieve the drain plug & filter, and its inner O ring seal ensures no leakage.

    The unique feature of this product is those added wheels which help in transportation, and because of which you may find this product bit expensive compared to other pans.

    Key features :

    • 15-quart storing capacity,
    • E-Z handles & roll wheels,
    • 8″ opening screw cap with O-ring seal,
    • Can be used with dirty oil filters, Catch-all basket.

    4. Capri Tools Portable Oil Drain Pan

    So, our next option, i.e., Capri Tools Portable Oil Drain Pan shares some features with ATD Tools drain pan such as 18-quart storing capacity and anti-splash lip.

    It is constructed using polyethylene material to ensure long-lasting durability & sturdiness. It is easy to use, oil can be drained directly into its wide opening.

    It features a 1″ wide spout for easy pouring while disposing and molded handle for easy carrying, transporting & storing.

    Capri Tools offers a variety of pans in different colors from which you can choose one according to your needs & likes e.g., green-colored smaller capacity drain pan offered by Capri Tools company.

    Key features :

    • 18-quart capacity,
    • Made using polyethylene,
    • Wide opening, 1″ wide spout,
    • Molded handles,
    • Comes in variety.

    5. ARKSEN Portable Waste Oil Drain Tank

    Now, if you are looking for an oil drain pan that is more complex yet efficient & portable, then ARKSEN Portable Waste Oil Drain Tank is just the right choice for you.

    With 80-quarts of storing capacity and a ventri-vacuum extracting feature, this one is more suitable for commercial use.

    After draining old oil into the tank, you can transfer it from the tank to a secondary container, with the help of an air compressor.

    Since it is more suitable for commercial use, it is made with heavy-duty & rugged steel for longer durability.

    Its height can be adjusted between 45″-72.5″ and is equipped with 2 fixed 6″ wheels & pair of 3″ swivel casters for easy mobility. Provided with all the above features, this oil drain pan is on the expensive side.

    Key features :

    • 80-quart storing capacity commercial oil drain tank,
    • Ventri-vacuum extraction,
    • Adjustable height 45″-72.5″,
    • 2 fixed wheels with swivel castors,
    • Heavy-duty & rugged steel construction,
    • Contains regulator & gauge.

    6. Custom Accessories Oil Drain Pan

    Custom Accessories Oil Drain Pan is the most affordable or rather cheap product on our list which is as good as any average oil drain pan with features you will like to try.

    And those who are running a little tight on a budget can go for this product without any worry.

    It features a 6-quart holding capacity with a basic spout design at one point of its outer circumference for pouring (which at times can get a bit messy, as noted by a number of users).

    This might not be the best product you would like to buy, but it bears basic features quite usable.

    Key features :

    • 6-quart storing capacity,
    • Extremely affordable,
    • Spout (not the best).

    7. Matrix Concepts Oil Drain Container

    Next, we have a clear oil drain pan offered by Matrix Concepts. Specially designed to be easier to store, carry, and empty/ pouring while disposing off.

    It is equipped with a built-in container and a screw-on cap, plus a tight seal plug to prevent leakage.

    It lacks a spout, which means you will need a funnel while disposing off the dirty oil to prevent any spills. Although it doesn’t have a larger storage capacity, it is suitable for small engine vehicles.

    It features sturdy extra-large handles which provide a comfortable & secure grip while carrying & emptying the container.

    Key features :

    • Clear/ Translucent oil drain pan,
    • Screw-on cap with seal tight plug,
    • Secure & extra-large carrying handle,
    • Lacks spout,
    • Smallholding capacity,
    • Compatible with small engine vehicles.

    8. Lisle Oil Lift Drain

    Lisle Oil Lift Drain as its name suggests features a uniquely shaped translucent jug with 32 quarts holding capacity.

    The distinguishing thing about this product is that to use this one you will need to lift your car up in the air and the height of its nozzle is adjustable between 36.5″-74″ precisely.

    At the bottom of the container, there are present 4 ball-bearing wheels measuring about 2.5″ in size that are easy to swivel & roll.

    Apart from these, it comes with a heavy-duty adjustable clamp, a large handle for secure grip, wide pour spout with threaded cap and a 15″ funnel with a built-in strainer which helps to catch drain plugs.

    Key features :

    • 32-quart capacity translucent jug,
    • Height adjusting range 36.5″-74″,
    • 4 Ball bearing wheels 2.5″ in size,
    • Heavy-duty adjustable clamp,
    • Sturdy & large handle,
    • Big pouring spout with threaded cap,
    • 15″ long funnel with built-in strainer.

    9. Motivx Tools Oil Drain Pan

    Last but certainly not least, we have Motivx Tools Oil Drain Pan which shares its features with ATD Tools & Capri Tools oil drain pan. It is manufactured using polyethylene and can hold up to 16-quart of dirty oil.

    It features dual front handles and a large rear handle which helps in carrying the pan easily and its anti-splash lip around the entire inside edge prevents any leakage & spills.

    Similar to ATD & Capri Tools Oil Drain Pans, Motivx Tools Oil Drain Pan also offers a facilitative pour spout that assists in easy emptying of the pan.

    Key features :

    • 16-quart storing capacity,
    • Manufactured using Polyethylene with reinforced bottom,
    • Sturdy handles for easy carrying,
    • Spout for easy pouring,
    • Anti-splash lip.


    To keep your engine running in a good condition all sorts of caring is necessary, draining old dirty oil from your engine is one of them.

    It is an easy task which can be done at home but if you prefer to get it done by a professional mechanic you can opt for that as well.

    However, if you like to do it at home by yourselves then you will understand how important it is to buy an oil drain pan, to get rid of those oil spill stains, storing issues, and discarding problems as well.

    A good oil drain pan will help you to stay away from all those stubborn oil stains & stress and will also assist you in keeping your engine clean as new.

    So, this was all about oil drain pans. Enjoy your next ride.