Outer Range Throws Josh Brolin into a Trippy Western That

Some TV fans may be intrigued by the concept of “Josh Brolin in a sci-fi western” alone, and will tune in to “Outer Range,” Brian Watkins’ new drama. “Outer Range” will provide — up to a point — for those who may require a bit additional context and/or motivation.

The series, which premiered with two episodes on (Amazon) Prime Video on April 15, focuses on a particularly brooding Brolin as Royal Abbott, the gruff patriarch of a family ranch on a tract of Wyoming land with a gaping secret.

In particular, there is a large black hole in the western part of the Abbotts’ ranch, the cause of which is unknown but whose pulsing power is obvious to anybody who happens across it.

Outer Range Throws Josh Brolin into a Trippy Western That

The pilot, directed by Alonso Ruizpalaicos with a sense of foreboding dread, is dominated by the hole’s spectral presence. Here you will find out about outer range throws josh brolin into a trippy western that. 

Outer Range’s 15 Hole-iest Moments, Ranked

Outer Range is the title of the latest trippy science fiction western on Amazon Prime Video, but you may know it better by its alternative title, The Show With the Hole. The Josh Brolin-led series is a brooding family drama set on a Wyoming cattle ranch, and it features some magnificent cinematography.

Yet, it is also a strange and wild program that involves time travel. In addition, there is a gaping hole there. A rip in the fabric of space-time that opens the possibility of time travel. To my mind.

Typical of plot flaws involving time travel, this one is not explained clearly. Brolin’s quiet man of few words, Royal Abbott, discovers the crater on his property; touching the floating, glittering dust gives him a vision into the future. From then, things can only grow stranger.

When Royal’s oldest son, Perry, inadvertently murders rival rancher Wade Tillerson’s son, Trevor, the hole comes in useful, but when it gets the notice of Autumn, a woman staying on the Abbott ranch who certainly knows more about that hole than she lets on, it causes a lot of issues (spoiler alert: So does Royal). Let’s just say that everyone is eager to get their hands on some of that void.

Trippy Neo-Western Outer Range Has Aarguably the Best Use of Josh Brolin Yet

A rancher trying to protect his home and family in the new suspense series Outer Range stumbles into an unsolvable mystery on the outskirts of the Wyoming wilderness. Daniel Rutledge rode in on this surreal neo-western, which has what may be the best usage of Josh Brolin he has ever seen. Thankfully, the western is back in style.

The popularity of Yellowstone and Power of the Dog has inspired producers to create more modern adaptations of the genre, and some of them are going to be God darn excellent. The film Outer Range is being billed as a “neo-western” because it is based in a fictional Wyoming hamlet. Texas is the home of cowboys and ranchers, the Christian faith, country music, and the practice of drinking beer while drinking whiskey.

It also has a gun battle showdown in the middle of town that boldly honors the western genre’s legacy while giving the cliche a contemporary twist, and a poker scene that is both classically cool and intense. The science fiction in this series is also really psychedelic. Although most of it is unexplained in the trailers, I think it’s safe to say that the film’s core riddle is solved.


While filming Dune, Josh Brolin dove headfirst into the space opera genre, often considered to be among the most exciting branches of science fiction. There’s no better way to put it when a film chronicles the spice wars between feuding households on different worlds. The blockbuster of 2021, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2022, did the genre of science fiction justice.

To be sure, Brolin isn’t done with science fiction just yet; he’ll also be appearing in the upcoming sequel Dune: Part Two. The Milk Oscar contender makes a rare cameo on television in the leading role of Outer Range, the next psychedelic streaming series that you’ll want to add to your queue.

This is his first ongoing episodic performance since 2003. The first trailer for the eight-part series was released on April 11, suggesting that it would be quite the mind-bending supernatural western when it finally arrives on Prime Video on Friday, April 15. Hope now you know outer range throws josh brolin into a trippy western that.