Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt

Windows Update is a useful tool for bringing users up to speed on the current version of Microsoft’s operating system. Users, however, often run into issues when attempting to update the OS.

Windows Update Troubleshooter is crucial in such a scenario because it aids users in locating and fixing Windows update issues.

Although the Windows Update Troubleshooter is designed to help customers repair issues such service registration being missing or corrupt in Windows 10, 8, and 7, some users have reported that they are still unable to do so. Here you will find out service registration is missing or corrupt.

Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt

Fix Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt Error

Windows Update Troubleshooter, Background Intelligent Transfer Service Troubleshooter, and Windows Store Applications Troubleshooter are all useful tools to use in these situations because they can typically fix any issues that may arise.

The Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt error can be resolved along with other problems by using this in-built tool. This issue prevents Windows Update or any Universal Applications from continuing.

Solution 1. Start Windows Update and Related Service

Checking that the Windows update service and any other necessary services are running may help resolve the “service registration is missing or corrupted” message.

Please continue on if you are unfamiliar with verifying and initiating Windows Update and its associated services.

Step 1: Open the Run dialog by pressing the Windows key plus the R key at the same time, and then type services msc into the box and pressing OK or Enter to proceed.

Step 2: The second step is to locate the Windows Update service in the newly opened window, right-click it, and then select Properties.

Step 3: On the General page, select Automatic as the startup type, click the Start button next to Service status, and then hit Apply and OK to save your changes and get going.

Step 4: Using the same techniques described above, locate the Background Intelligent Transfer Service and the Cryptographic Services, and set their Startup types to Automatic and the Service status to start.

Step 5: You can then reboot your computer to see if the service registration is missing or corrupt issue has been resolved.

Solution 2: Reset Microsoft Store Cache

Resetting the Microsoft Store cache is another possible solution to the “Service registration is missing or corrupt” problem. Forcing a Microsoft Store restart and clearing the app’s cache requires running the WSReset.exe command.

Step 1: It will force a refresh of the Microsoft Store and restart any related services. There have been reports of this procedure being successful in resolving the issue for some users.

Step 2: To find wsreset.exe, use the Search feature. Just hit the Enter key on your keyboard. As a result, Windows Store will restart and the cache will be deleted.

Step 3: Third, start a command pompt in administrator mode and run the SFC scan command as stated in the prior solution.

Step 4: Go to the command prompt and type sfc /scannow.


Step 5: Once it’s done, you can close Command Prompt.

Solution 4: Check if the Required Services are Running

Step 1: Simply hit the Windows key plus R, type services.msc, and then hit Enter or click OK.


Step 2: When you find the Windows Update service, double-click it to view its settings.

Step 3: Make your way to Automatic on the list of Startup types. Click the Start button under “Service status” to begin. You can save your adjustments by selecting Apply and then OK.

Step 4: To use the Cryptographic Service and the Background Intelligent Transfer Service, simply repeat the previous steps.

Solution 5: Change the Group Policy and use DISM

Step 1: To access the Group Policy Editor, hit the Windows key plus R and type gpedit.msc. To continue, enter or choose OK.

Step 2: Click System under Administrative Tools in the left pane after you’ve navigated to Machine Configuration. Double-click “Specify options for optional component installation” in the right pane.

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Step 3: Choose the Enabled option and then type in the address where the repairs should be made. You can save your adjustments by selecting Apply and then OK.

Step 4: Restart the DISM scan after closing Group Policy Editor.

Solution 6: Use Windows 10 ISO to repair Windows 10

Step 1: The ISO for Windows 10 can be obtained directly from Microsoft. The Media Creation Tool is another option.

Step 2: Mounting an ISO file is as simple as double-clicking the downloaded file.

Step 3: It’s time to launch setup.exe once the ISO has been mounted.

Step 4: Upgrade to Windows 10 by following the on-screen prompts.


The Windows operating system has some flaws that are usually fixed via service packs. The Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt Error may appear if the update service itself or one of its dependencies is broken.

This problem occurs throughout the troubleshooting process and is typically related to Windows upgrades or the Microsoft Store. Yet, this problem can also occur when Windows is being upgraded to a newer version.