15 Best Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime for Free in 2022

The term anime reminds us of Japan’s centuries-old art form. Anime now has come a long way, it is not only popular in Japan but all over the world. People around the world are going crazy over it, and searching for anime content largely.

It is gaining popularity due to eye-catching storylines and animation that looks stylish and beautiful. As a result, anime are now dubbed and subbed in various languages, and even aired in various western countries.

Soul Anime is considered one of the best sites for streaming anime online for free, in the best quality. It is considered a one stop-store, offering a wide variety. It is available in both subbed and dubbed languages.

Its friendly user interface makes it easier to search for particular content, due to which it has gained a huge fan base all over the globe. Due to some legal issues, SoulAnime content is often down, for which people search for alternative sites.

15 Best Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime for Free in 2021

Below mentioned are some best Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online in Full HD Quality. You can try any of these sites of your choice to watch animes in HD quality. So why waste time? Let’s get started on it.

1. KissAnime

It is a free website for streaming cartoons and anime in HD quality, English subbed, and translated anime. It has more than nearly 39 million users. It has a friendly user interface, which makes it easier to understand its functions in an efficient manner.

It has quick access to its video stream, which contributes to streaming the videos without load times. It has a good number of users on its service while enabling its creators to focus on making it better than it was yesterday.

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2. MasterAni.me

It is primarily concerned with supplying cartoonist animated material for free. It is considered the best alternative to Soul Anime. The user interface is designed very well, it is user-friendly.

The best part of this website is, here you get the homepage without advertisement. It offers numerous sections for the users to choose their content so that they do not face any difficulty. You can bookmark your favorite shows.

3. KissCartoon

It is a platform that offers various free cartoon and anime shows; its cartoon shows are always up to date and organized for the users. You should register as a member in order to get extra benefits, like being informed whenever a new cartoon or anime is uploaded.

It keeps on informing about the new version when available so that users can have their best experience. It is accessible to a wide number of users, mainly the traffic is from US and UK. It has nearly 15 million users per month. Its drawback is both sidebars are filled with advertisements; you also get pop-up advertisements when you click on the video.

4. AnimePahe

AnimePahe provides a large variety of subbed anime videos for free. It is becoming increasingly popular among its users all over the globe.it has nearly 2.5 million users. It provides several additional features to their daily users.

In display mode, users can allow viewing of the thumbnails and title of the video in which it streams. The home page is advertisement-free and shows only the new anime published. With the simple interface, it is easy to understand the video player.

5. CartoonCrazy

It is a major entertainment place to watch free animated videos. It features a well-designed user interface, making it simple to use. Although the advertising appears on a new browser window, it does not appear frequently when you watch a video.

It has a major advantage that makes it different from every other platform is, it does not need its user’s sign-in ID. It is preferred mainly by those users who want content dubbed in English, and most of its users are from the United States, UK, and Canada. Nearly about 12 million people visit this website each month.

6. ChiaAnime

It provides you with the free viewing facility of anime videos. It has a huge range consisting of various genres, such as Adventure, Monsters, Ninja, Fantasy and Horror, etc. It regularly keeps on revising anime and cartoons lists and updating with the new ones which makes it more preferable for its users.

It has a wide variety of animated content in its collection. The website has a monthly user of about 7 million. Nonetheless, it suffers from one of the biggest disadvantages that is showing up advertisements constantly when watching animated movies online.

7. AnimeNova

It provides you with free anime shows. It has around 3 million new users every month. It has a simple interface, provided with a search tab where you can find your favorite anime. By going through the list, you can access the entire range of series and pick your favorite anime to watch.

You can filter the list according to your preference by selecting your favorite genre. Any pop-up advertisement does not appear on its homepage. Also, weak internet connections won’t be a problem, as it can be reached very easily without any obstacles when watching anime videos.

8. OtakuStream

It is available for streaming animated content online for free. It has nearly 15 million user each month. It has a friendly user interface that ensures smooth functioning, without any buffering issues. For a quick log in to website, they can do so from their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

One of the most amazing features of this website is the segment “random anime” and “random films” which presents its users with an option by themselves if they didn’t know what to look at. If you want something different, OtakuStream has a list of shows that are all worth checking out. You can select any particular genre you like, according to your preference.

9. CartoonOn

It provides services to its users free of charge, to stream anime videos. Though it has limited cartoon options if your cartoon title is well known then there is a decent chance of streaming. It consists of a list where only unique, animated content can be found. The major drawback of this site is, it continuously shows advertisements when streaming content which is distracting and often leads you to harmful sites. It has nearly 5 million users every month.

10. AnimeShow

It offers a very wide variety of animated content to stream for free. It has a massively large and good collection of anime shows, which is updated on regular basis. It has a well-designed user interface, which allows you to select according to your preference from the list of genre, including action, drama, comedy, horror, romance, and many more. One of the biggest drawbacks is, it constantly keeps showing advertisements when getting access to the stream. It has nearly around 15 million users per month.

11. AnimeUltima

It is a free anime-watching site, with unlimited options where you need not register. But the registered users get extra benefits like, receive updates when new seasons are released, accessing the comments section, which is available under each episode, and having a fun time.

It also has its own Chat channel, where you can ask for feedback from other users regarding anything, their opinion about a particular show. It provides its users with a built-in search option from which they can directly be guided to the particular content they are searching for without facing any difficulties.

12. AnimeFLV

It is very popular across the globe, for providing anime content for free. It has a greater focus on delivering anime content in the Spanish language instead of English. It provides subtitles in Spanish language. To provide a good experience to its users, its user interface is designed in a user-friendly way. You can search for your favorite shows easily, it provides you with an built search option, at the left sidebar.

13. AnimeTV

It offers free streaming for a wide variety of anime content. One can watch videos dubbed in the English language. It gets updated on a regular basis. It provides quick access by providing you with the option to sign up from Facebook or Twitter accounts.

The list is organized well and has a dark mode feature as well, one does not need to strain their eyes. The only drawback it has is, it is filled with advertisements on both sides. It has nearly around 7 million users per month.

14. AnimeHeros

It is one of the best sites that offers its users the latest anime cartoon videos in the highest quality content for free. It is also available to stream in HD plus Resolutions. Its user’s face is easy to understand.

It is available in both subbed and dubbed in other languages. Users get regular updates for any new launch of a web series or movie. You do not see advertisements on the home page but they appear while playing videos.

15. CartoonNetwork

It provides hundreds of free series and online video games for kids and adults as well. This is one of the best-known websites. It allows you to enjoy playing video games such as Adventure Time, Ben 10 with lots of characters present on the Cartoon Network.

A special feature like posting comments, ratings, and reviews makes it more enjoyable. With the assistance of this interface, you can easily watch all your cartoon network shows, previously missed episodes, and many more. Besides having multiple categories like TV shows and video games, it has a user-friendly interface that is updated on regular basis.

16. AnimeFreakTV

It offers its users free streaming of a wide variety of anime content. It allows users to stream without having any buffering problems and in high quality. Like several other websites it has a user friendly interface.

It offers its user to search according to their preference, by selecting their favorite genre, sorting it alphabetically, or popularity, and many more. The most exciting feature is that it allows its user to read series ‘manga’ for free, without any restriction. In this Pop-up advertisements does not appear so frequently, though it is present at the sidebars.

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The above-mentioned sites are some best alternatives to soul anime. Watching Anime is exceedingly enjoyable. The one who is a big fan of watching anime can better understand this. Anime craze which was initially in Japan is spreading all over the world with time and people are going crazy over it.

The best online streaming anime sites arrange both original and dubbed episodes of anime, so you can decide for yourself which version you like best. Lastly, one thig we need to be careful about is, these sites do get blocked by the government and might not be available for some period of time, due to the pirated content.

We understand the problem and the uneasiness that you face while finding the right anime sites. We are here to abridge these gap and provide solutions by related articles in the best simplest form possible and any other needs which are barricading you from the comfort zone.

Ensuring that you get all the possible information without facing any hurdles. If there are any other sites available besides the above-mentioned, or there are any other tech-related queries, do let us know in the comments below. Happy binge watching!