Team China Claims 29 Golds Halfway Through Olympic Games …

On the tenth day of competition in Tokyo, Team China won five more gold medals, bringing their total to 29, surpassing the 29 it won in Rio four years ago.

The Chinese delegation held strong and performed admirably despite the Games being delayed by a year and being hosted under various clouds (particularly COVID-19).

Team China Claims 29 Golds Halfway Through Olympic Games ...

Team China Claims 29 Golds Halfway Through Olympic Games

As the world was confronted with unprecedented nationalism and populism, experts argued that heartwarming moments like the sharing of gold medals usher in hope and the valuable lesson of sports transcends borders for humanity.

Some Western media, inspired by the success of Chinese athletes, have characterised the country as a “sports machine” that will stop at nothing to win medals. This kind of thinking has been dubbed “sour grapes” by experts, who point out that China has begun to shine in so many areas as its national power has grown, and that the country is no longer in its infancy.

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On Monday, with only six days remaining until the end of the Games, Chinese competitors displayed a “gold rush,” capturing five gold medals in a day, and team China topped the gold medal table.

First up was weightlifter Wang Zhouyu, who won gold for Team China in the women’s 87 kilogramme category, increasing their total gold medal count to 25.

Minutes later, Liu Yang and colleague You Hao won China’s first gymnastics gold in Tokyo by placing first and second, respectively, in the men’s rings final.

Next, China’s 27th gold medal was shot put by Zhang Changhong, who triumphed in the men’s 50m rifle event.

Bao Shanju and Zhong Tianshi, both from China, won the women’s cycling track team sprint gold as a tandem.

Li Wenwen, weightlifting at an Olympic record-setting 320 kilogrammes, won the women’s over 87 kilogramme event, giving China its 29th gold medal of the games.

The overall performance produced by the Chinese delegation was positive, despite a few underachieving performances. For example, the defending champions in women’s volleyball were ousted in the group stage, and the women’s football team conceded 17 goals in three matches.

After setting a new Asian record of 9.83 seconds in the semifinals, he became the first Asian athlete in 90 years to advance to the Olympic track and field gold medal final. In the men’s Olympic 100-meter final, Su recorded a time of 9.98 seconds, good enough for sixth place.

The Sport of Weightlifting was the Most Successful Contribution to the Medal Tally, With Six Athletes Taking Home Gold.

The Chinese athletes did not make a clean sweep in other sports that China has traditionally dominated, like as table tennis or diving, but they still got widespread support from the crowds.

Team China leads the gold medal tally at the halfway point of the Tokyo Olympics, having already surpassed their total from Rio.

Team China is on track to achieve its Olympic goals of remaining in first place in the medal tally, preventing any doping or disciplinary issues within the delegation, and keeping the COVID-19 virus from spreading among the group.

Over 3,100 samples from athletes have been taken for doping tests, with China being one of the most examined teams. To my knowledge, no member of the Chinese delegation has tested positive for doping.

No members of the team have tested positive for COVID-19, and there have been no reported instances or close contacts with anyone who has.

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