Top 10 Places to Visit in Manila

In the Philippines, Manila has the most people. As you make your way through the crowded streets, the tropical heat will begin to make itself felt. Nonetheless, thanks to the excellent exchange rate and the predominance of the service sector in the economy, a luxurious hotel is well within your budget.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Manila

Make sure your hotel in Manila includes a pool so you can cool yourself from the city’s humidity and heat. Finding a quiet place to relax and cool off is crucial to enjoying your time in the Philippines.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Manila

1. New World Manila Bay Hotel

The New World Manila Bay Hotel is literally steps away from the water, the United States Embassy, and the city’s most popular attraction, Ocean Park. Views of Manila Bay and the surrounding cityscape may be seen from the rooms of this luxurious high-rise hotel. After you’ve had enough of the sights, it’s time to hit the pool.

The pool’s appeal isn’t due to its size or the number of water attractions it has. Instead, the lush vegetation that covers the enormous walls is what makes this pool a veritable refuge in the middle of a smoggy, bustling city. A refreshing dip in the water is just what the doctor ordered after a day of exploring the Philippines’ largest city.

2. Diamond Hotel Philippines

The Diamond Hotel Philippines and the New World Manila Bay form a fortified phalanx along the coastal stretch of Highway 1 in Manila. This sleek, gloomy, and masculine tower houses a luxury hotel frequented by the well-heeled.

Nonetheless, the hotel’s lavish amenities are well within reach thanks to the advantageous exchange rate, which keeps costs low. Although the pool area is on the tiny side, it is protected from the bustle of the city by a fence of palm trees. It has a full outdoor bar, a hot tub, and a grotto with a waterfall for romantic late-night soaks.

3. San Agustin Church

The San Agustin Church in Manila deserves your attention. This stunning structure is the oldest stone church in the Philippines, having been built in 1589 despite seven earthquakes and two fires. The main entryway features wooden doors with intricate carvings.

The exquisite interior, which is heavily influenced by Mexican design, is formed like a Latin cross. Italian artisans Giovanni Dibella and Cesare Alberoni painted the stunning ceiling in the 1800s.

4. Discovery Primea

The Discovery Primea is located in the Makita district of Manila, far away from the water. The hotel’s service, atmosphere, internet speed, room design, and breakfast are consistently praised by guests. The hotel’s outside rooms offer breathtaking panoramas in every direction, and the spa is among the best in the world.

The Discovery Primea is unique because of its pool. The daring can swim right up to the edge of the rooftop infinity pool, which offers a breathtaking panorama of the city below. At night, when the sun goes down and the city lights come on, the pool takes on a magical quality.

5. Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

Located on the waterfront of Manila Bay, the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is a striking sight over the Manila Trade Center and the Philippines International Convention Center. Inside this 5-star hotel, bright yellows and oranges are balanced by dark woods and purple.

The hotel’s pool is amazing, the beach is close by, and the hotel’s food is excellent. A serpentine lazy river-style pool with an artificial beach, three bridges, an island, a swim-up bar, and plenty of in-water seating can be seen from the rooms. The hotel’s height shields the pool from the noise of the city, and it looks out over Manila Bay.

6. I’M Hotel

Just south of the city of Manila sits Makati, where you’ll find the luxurious I’M Hotel. The hotel is located in the heart of Makati, close to the vibrant Central Business District and the country’s largest spa. The Pasig River, which runs through the heart of the city, is also easily accessible by foot.

The hotel itself is hip and happening with its mod rooms, contemporary artwork, and hip pool. Relaxing in the rooftop pool surrounded by a wall of graffiti and brightly coloured bird cages. This pool welcomes, rather than avoids, the urban environment.

7. Acacia Hotel Manila

The Acacia Hotel Manila is located near the ground of the Festival Alabang, a large traffic circle. This hotel in Muntinlupa, Philippines, has rooms with brightly coloured carpet prints, white ceilings, and calming beige walls.

The hotel’s round rooftop pool provides guests with unobstructed, panoramic views of the surrounding area. You may take in views of the Laguna de Bay and the affluent neighbourhood of Alabang, both of which are only a block away. Grab a drink and hang out by the pool in Manila.

8. Hyatt City of Dreams Manila

City of Dreams Hyatt Manila’s tall buildings are situated within a block from the water, close to the bay’s Alphaland Bay City Park and the Solaire Casino. This extremely golden skyscraper appears to be precariously supported by enormous, wobbling columns of gold.

Inside, wavy walls line the corridors, while golden globes serve as light fixtures, continuing the building’s modern aesthetic. The rooftop pool is typical of high-end Las Vegas hotels. The edge of the pool extends out over the water, and the water appears to cascade over the building.

9. Azumi Boutique Hotel

You’ll find this luxurious 4-star hotel in the southern Manila neighbourhood of Muntinlupa, not far from the beautiful Laguna de Bay, and it won’t break the bank. The hotel’s rooms are small and furnished in gloomy colours.

The dim lighting in this immaculate hotel may be an attempt to conceal the hotel’s low price, but guests don’t appear to mind. Guests consistently praise the Azumi Boutique Hotel’s hip ambiance, prompt staff, spotless facilities, and jaw-dropping pool.

The shape of the water resembles a long, skinny lap pool. With its large bay windows, the spa spans the entire length of the pool. A piece of artificial turf and several wooden benches are all that stand between them. The water appears to be pouring out the edge of the roof and into the city below.

10. Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is a picturesque coastal town just south of Manila, renowned for its beautiful beaches, top-notch scuba diving locations, and rich marine life. White Beach and Sabang Beach are the most frequented beaches because of the abundance of surrounding services (such as shops, restaurants, and bars) and the availability of hotels.

The natural harbour of Muelle Bay is lined with establishments catering to tourists. Divers may explore sunken ships and hundreds of fish species while snorkelling or diving amid some of Asia’s best coral reefs.