Top 5 Xbox Games

Since the Xbox Series X and S have been released, the Xbox One generation has entered its twilight. However, this has only served to increase the library of games available on previous Xbox systems, which may be played anytime the player pleases.

Now, then, we present the games we think you should play. Some are optimised for Xbox One X, while many can be found on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a programme that allows subscribers to download and play entire games on Xbox One as frequently as they like.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Top 5 Xbox Games


  • Beautiful world
  • Superb Narrative!
  • Superb quests


  • Overwhelming lot to do

The Witcher 3 is not only the best Xbox One game, but also a contender for the title of best game of all time. It’s a remarkable achievement in game design because every every move in this vast third-person RPG seems to have consequences in-game.

If you save a merchant from a group of bandits in a random encounter, you might run across him again many hours later in a city and receive a huge discount on the goods he’s selling. The game environment is vivid and full of life, and it may be challenging without being impossible, so you won’t want to rush through it.

2. Elden Ring


  • for discovering a fantastic new world
  • That kind of intense conflict
  • Countless Arguments


  • Constantly extremely challenging

Elden Ring is an absolute masterpiece; it’s a massive open world game that takes the combat and exploration of FromSoftware’s work into a completely new genre. There are several territories to chart, adversaries to vanquish, and sights to behold.

The adventure as a whole is practically impossible to overlook, since every location you visit will present a new kind of difficulty, whether in taut and stunning fighting or in figuring out where to go next.

3. The Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Absolutely Stunning


  • Breathtakingly pretty
  • Great slow-burn story
  • Solid shooting


  • Some pretty slow sections

Red Dead Redemption 2 may have a hesitant start, but the game’s depth and variety of task types will quickly grip you.

Also, it’s really comprehensive, so you’ll need at least a month to explore it all. You’ll still have enough to do long after the single-player tale concludes, thanks to the inclusion of Red Dead Online.

4. Halo: Infinite


  • Great campaign
  • Looks excellent
  • Tight multiplayer


  • The campaign gets linear late on

The Master Chief Collection, but there are still two other excellent Halo games available for the Xbox One, Halo 4 and Halo 5, but Infinite utterly destroys them by taking place in a vast open world and allowing you to tackle a wide variety of side missions in any order you see fit.

The visuals and audio are top notch, and there’s a tonne of content thanks to the game’s free online multiplayer mode.

5. Control


  • Watch Out For A Spooky Atmosphere
  • Powers that satisfy
  • Narrative with a sense of humour


  • Gradual escalation

Control is a third-person shooter with a paranormal plot so out there that it will feel completely different from anything else you’ve played.

Control is wholly original, incredibly distinctive, and profoundly rewarding in both gameplay and atmosphere, with a respectable roster of side-missions and challenges beyond the main story.

Tips for Deciding on Your Next Xbox One Game

There are a tonne of games available for the Xbox One, so how do you decide what to play next?

1. Did you Try Xbox Game Pass Yet?

With Microsoft’s membership service, you may play a variety of games every month without spending a fortune. There are a lot of games out there that aren’t worth your time, and while you won’t actually own any of them, you can still play certain classics.

For instance, if you can get through the campaign for Halo Infinite in a month, this is the most cost-effective method to do so.

2. Which Genres do you Enjoy the Most?

Think about whether you enjoy first-person shooters or role-playing games more when deciding which to play next. Check reviews to see if they mention how accessible the game is to people who are new to the genre, or if the difficulty is pointed out as being particularly high.

3. Need a Game with Multiplayer Options?

Although many games feature excellent single-player campaigns, only a few of those titles allow you to take your gaming session online and compete with or against other players. You should examine if the game includes an online component and how nice it is before purchasing it if you want a social experience.