What Does the Inside of a Bobsled Look Like

After winning two gold medals in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Friedrich’s dominant performance continued.

The German pilot not only dominated the two-man World Cup, winning eight consecutive races from Sigulda (LAT) on December 8, 2018 to Calgary (CAN) on February 23, 2019, but he also finished the season with four four-man victories and seven podium finishes, putting him in first place in both standings.

What Does the Inside of a Bobsled Look Like

Just for good measure, he also won his fifth IBSF World Championship two-man title with Thorsten Margis at the Whistler Sliding Centre (CAN) and his second consecutive four-man crown with the same line-up that had pushed him to gold in PyeongChang: Margis, Candy Bauer and Martin Grothkopp.

What Does the Inside of a Bobsled Look Like

The fact that Friedrich has been victorious for so long is proof of his skill as a pilot, but Normunds Kotans, the PyeongChang 2018 gold medalist, points out, there is more to Friedrich’s achievement than that.

“It’s fascinating to see that the winning team isn’t always the one with the best pilot, the best pusher, or the best equipment. You’ll need a synergy of the above. It’s not simple, and you need some luck, to get all those things to work together.

A bobsleigh pilot’s duties are similar to those of a conductor. They need to use visualisation techniques to visualise each turn in the descent, coordinating their timing and effort so that the whole team moves as one.

Former U.S. silver medalist and current bobsleigh coach for Brazil Shauna Rohbock stated, “Before the race, it’s the pushers who are the most amped up and the pilot who is the calmest.

You need to be energetic at the outset and then relaxed, so they move from rock ‘n’ roll to classical music before they start pushing. The events that unfold are akin to a dance on the rails.

The two-woman duo from Nigeria may have come in dead last in their Olympic debut in Pyeongchang, but they would not trade the experience for the world. It’s hard to put everything into words,” Akuoma Omeoga stated.

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According to Spencer, “bobsleigh is all about racing, speed, the adrenaline rush, the camaraderie in the team, competition, and the relationship off the track with the other nations.” In four years, they will have reached the pinnacle. They’re intelligent, young and enthusiastic and they want to learn.”

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