Davido Net Worth, Age, Height, Personal Life, Music Career, and Online Presence

Davido, a global icon of Afrobeats, has garnered international acclaim with his catchy tunes and compelling performances. This article will explore Davido’s net worth, age, height, parents, wife, children, and his accomplished journey as a singer-songwriter.

We will delve into his popular songs, concerts, record labels, and the recent events surrounding his son. Additionally, we will take a look at Davido’s online presence on platforms like Wiki, Twitter, and Instagram.

Davido Net Worth

Net Worth

As of 2023, Davido’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million. His wealth is primarily attributed to his successful music career, including his hit singles, albums, and concert tours. His entrepreneurial pursuits and endorsements also contribute to his overall wealth.

Age, Height, and Parents

Born on November 21, 1992, Davido, whose real name is David Adedeji Adeleke, is 30 years old in 2023. The Nigerian-American star stands approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, to Nigerian parents, Dr. Adedeji Adeleke, a business magnate, and late Professor Veronica Adeleke.

Wife and Kids

While Davido is not officially married, he has been in a long-term relationship with Chioma Avril Rowland, often referred to as his wife. The couple has a son named Ifeanyi Adeleke. Besides Ifeanyi, Davido has two daughters – Imade and Hailey Adeleke – from previous relationships.

Singer-Songwriter and Songs

Davido has made significant strides in the music industry as a talented singer-songwriter. He first gained recognition with his hit single “Dami Duro.” Since then, he has released several chart-topping songs like “Fia,” “Fall,” and “If,” solidifying his position as a leading figure in the Afrobeats genre.

Concerts and Record Labels

Davido’s concerts are a spectacle of energy, rhythm, and crowd engagement, showcasing his dynamic performance style. He has performed at sold-out concerts worldwide, furthering the global reach of Afrobeats.

He is associated with two record labels – HKN Music, co-founded with his elder brother, and Davido Music Worldwide (DMW), his own label founded in 2016.

Davido’s Son

There have been various rumors surrounding the wellbeing of Davido’s son, Ifeanyi. However, as of 2023, these rumors are unsubstantiated. Davido and his partner, Chioma, have vehemently denied these rumors, assuring fans that their son, Ifeanyi, is alive and well.

Wiki, Twitter, and Instagram

For those interested in a more comprehensive look into Davido’s life and career, his Wiki page is an excellent resource. It provides detailed information about his musical journey, discography, awards, and personal life.

Davido’s Twitter account is an engaging mix of personal updates, music news, and interactions with his fans. His Instagram page offers a more intimate look into his life, showcasing his family, music, lifestyle, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of his concerts and tours.


With his exceptional musical talent and charismatic personality, Davido continues to elevate Afrobeats on the global music scene. His journey from a music-loving youngster to a renowned artist is inspiring for aspiring musicians.

With an active social media presence, he continues to connect with his fans, sharing aspects of his life and career while also dispelling rumors about his personal life. Davido’s story remains an embodiment of passion, resilience, and the power of music.