Imogen Poots Keeps Everyone Guessing in Outer Range

First impressions of Imogen Poots, who makes her debut in the pilot episode of the trippy new science fiction Western series “Outer Range,” are of a naive youngster. Poots described her as “a lovely blonde with long hair and large blue eyes,” adding that she also had “weird, sturdy teeth” in a recent video interview shot in Los Angeles.

Poots, who made her acting debut at the age of 17 in the zombie sequel “28 Weeks Later” in 2007, has stated that she does not feel comfortable portraying the designated girlfriend role.

Although she has made the most of such opportunities, matching the fiery intensity of heavy hitters. Like Michael Shannon (“Frank and Lola”) and Mark Ruffalo (“I Know This Much Is True”), she has been actively seeking more nuanced roles.

Imogen Poots Keeps Everyone Guessing in Outer Range

She was looking forward to Friday’s premiere of “Outer Range” on Amazon since a television series can provide a deeper character arc than a feature film. And she was dead set against getting romantically involved.

In “Outer Range,” Autumn (Lili Taylor) is a stranger whose entrance to the ranch of Royal and Cecilia Abbott (Josh Brolin) heralds bizarre events, most of which revolve around a huge hole that appears in a meadow and may be a rupture in the fabric of time.

When she makes out with someone, she is plainly in charge. She is more of a catalyst and provocateur than a simple story element. Poots’s nuanced line reading in our conversation—“And she may have an ulterior motive”—was a prime example of why her performance stood out. Now let’s checkout imogen poots keeps everyone guessing in outer range. 

‘Outer Range’ Star Imogen Poots on the Big Finale Twists and Her Hopes for Season 2

Poots plays Autumn, a weird hippy girl who moves into Royal Abbott’s (Josh Brolin) farm and becomes embroiled in a massive mystery involving a bottomless pit on the Abbotts’ land, a neighbor with secrets of his own (Will Patton), and time travel.

In later episodes, when her bipolar disorder medicine runs out, she becomes an even more formidable force. Even when she’s starting to lose it, Autumn always seems to know what to do.

TheWrap talked to Poots about her experience playing Autumn, the shocking revelation about her character, and whether or not she will return for season two. And yes, she has discussed the mysterious history (or future?) of her character with writer Brian Watkins.

Are You Like Autumn At All in the Way You Act or React?

In this regard, Autumn is similar to an actor: she has the ability to read a room, interact with its occupants, Successfully resolve any conflict by shifting into the appropriate tack and using the appropriate tools.

But, I am not as careless; rather, I feel much more bewilderment about what to do. She’s more risk-taking and adventurous than I am.

Autumn is impulsive because she seems to have no stake in the outcome of any given situation. It seems liberating, but maybe it’s the start of a life of crime for someone who doesn’t care about the feelings of others.

If You Had the Chance to Jump into That Time-Hole, Would You Take the Plunge?

In my opinion, it’s on par with a trip to the moon in terms of the inherent dangers involved: you’d better be prepared to face death. Chances are high that you won’t be able to see your loved ones again.

There’s a certain level of carelessness in giving up all you’ve ever known and the persona you’ve built for yourself. That’s what I’d say if I were in that situation, at least.

Are You at the Point in Your Career Where You Would Say No to Another Girlfriend Role?

Definitely, I’ve become more discerning. It’s good to feel that maybe you’ve earned some downtime, free from the compulsive need to always produce new work to justify your existence. Nonetheless, agitation is a possibility. While I was in my twenties, I was always working and never having any fun.

As I think back on those days now, it’s almost like I’m reliving my childhood. A year ago, I decided to learn how to sew and I had a great time doing it. In addition to being an avid reader, I also have a studio in London where I may create art, write stories, or do nothing at all. It’s not easy to just be still and wait. I haven’t quite figured out the process yet.


Outer Range’s final two episodes are now available to watch on Amazon Video, and in them, Royal tells his oldest son Perry that he knows exactly what the spiritual emptiness on their estate is.

After inadvertently killing his father while hunting as a child, he visited the area. This occurred in 1886! In 1968, when he finally made it out, the Abbott family took him in and gave him a job on their farm.

Now that this massive family secret was out in the open, Perry did the unthinkable: he leaped into the hole as it seemed to close in on him.