Krista Horton Net Worth, Personal Life, Lifestyle, Influence, Social Media Platforms, And More

Krista Horton, an influential lifestyle blogger and Internet personality, has amassed a significant following through her heartwarming content about family, fashion, and home décor.

This article provides detailed insights into Horton’s net worth, personal life, career as an influencer, and her extensive reach across various social media platforms.


Krista Horton Net Worth

An Introduction to Krista Horton

Krista Horton, affectionately known as Kritter to her online followers, is a lifestyle influencer who has gained prominence through her relatable content revolving around motherhood, fashion, home styling, and her everyday life.

Krista Horton’s Age, Height, and Family Background

Born on September 30, 1988, Krista Horton is 34 years old as of 2023. While the exact details about her height aren’t publicly available, Horton is of average height, frequently showcased in her fashion and lifestyle posts. Details about her parents have largely remained private, as Horton mainly focuses on her immediate family in her content.

Krista Horton’s Husband and Kids

Krista Horton is happily married to Darryl Horton, and the couple’s bond often shines through their social media posts. They are proud parents to two adorable kids, Boston and Savy Monroe, who frequently feature in Horton’s heartwarming family pictures and videos.

Krista Horton’s Net Worth and House

Owing to her successful career as an influencer, Horton’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 as of 2023. Her earnings stem from her blog, brand partnerships, and social media influencing.

The Horton family resides in a stylishly decorated house in the United States, which often forms the backdrop of Krista’s content.

Krista Horton: Internet Personality and Influencer

Horton’s charming personality and engaging content have earned her a loyal following on various social media platforms. She is best known for her detailed posts about trendy outfits, home décor ideas, and snippets of her life as a mother.

Her distinctive style and authenticity have made her a popular influencer, collaborating with numerous brands and promoting products ranging from clothing to home goods.

Krista Horton’s Signature Blanket

One of Horton’s distinctive features is her soft, fluffy blanket that appears in numerous posts. This blanket, often associated with cozy and comfortable imagery, has become somewhat iconic among her followers.

Krista Horton on Reddit, Wikipedia, Twitter, and Instagram

While Krista Horton doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page, her influence extends across numerous online platforms. She has a notable presence on Instagram, where she boasts over 500,000 followers as of 2023.

Her posts showcase her daily life, featuring her kids, husband, and beautifully decorated home. Although Horton isn’t significantly active on Twitter, she enjoys a robust presence on Reddit, where users often discuss her posts and styling ideas.

Her impact as an influencer is widespread, with various lifestyle and fashion forums recognizing and appreciating her content.


Krista Horton’s rise to Internet fame highlights the influential power of authentic and relatable content. As an influencer, she continues to inspire her followers with her fresh fashion ideas, charming home décor, and sincere depictions of motherhood.

For the latest updates on Krista Horton’s life and career, follow her on Instagram and visit her blog, where she continues to influence and inspire with her unique content.