15 Sites Like LiveSoccerTV

If you are a soccer enthusiast or soccer lover then there is no need to explain anything about LiveSoccerTV. LiveSoccerTV is one of the pioneer websites when it comes to streaming live soccer matches. It gives all the A to Z information about the soccer sport. It gives complete information about all the official live streaming, live soccer scores, upcoming fixtures, results, latest news, highlights of previously streamed soccer matches.

The user-friendly interface of it stands it apart from its other competitors and a popular buzzing name among all the soccer lovers. It also gives a short description of all the upcoming and live streaming soccer matches. The in-depth coverage of soccer matches is a feature that is liked by many users.

But like other websites it also has its certain drawbacks. The major drawback is that as it provides free content which is possible only when it provides illegal and pirated content. Due to this, it has faced several restrictions in many countries around the world and it is also shut down in many countries.

15 Sites Like LiveSoccerTV

To overcome this issue and enjoy all your favorite soccer matches it is deeply recommended to have some alternatives of LiveSoccerTV in your bag. Let us discuss some of these alternatives:-

1. Time4tv.com

Time4tv.com as the name suggests is a website that provides the users with live TV streams that too without spending a single penny. Users can schedule their favorite events as per their convenience. It has a huge variety of stuff in its bouquet for the users to choose from. Users can filters all the channels available on it on the basis of sports channels, UK channels, USA channels and News channels.

The stream is provided in premium resolution. All the above features surely indicate that it will always be a recommended alternative to LiveSoccerTV.

2. WizWig.com

WizWig.com is one of the leading website in this field of providing online soccer entertainment for its users from the comfort of their home. Not only soccer but if you are fan of other sports then also this website is surely a gift for you. It offers streaming content in different languages including English, French and German. The website is free to use for the users and there is no requirement of creating any account or sign up for accessing the online feed.

3. 12th Player

12th Player.com is another blistering website in this list of alternatives to LiveSoccerTV. It is home to a never ending soccer live streaming entertainment. The streaming links are provided with high quality resolutions and are very fat. Users can adjust the resolutions as per their convenience. It is considered as a nice package by many of the soccer lovers.

4. VIPLeague.se

VIPLeague.se is one such website that is gathering a lot of popularity among the users day by day. From EPL, UEFA Europa League, Bundesliga to LA LIGA, it provides streaming of all the major events from all over the world.

The users have to adjust to the pop-ups and frequently appearing ads as they are the only source of revenge for the website. The website supports all the electronic devices like smartphones, PCs and laptops which are connected with a stable internet connection. Over and all it has all the features of becoming a pioneer in coming near future.

5. Offsidestreams.com

Offsidestreams.com is making its way at number five in this list. It is a subscription based website where users have to pay a monthly charges in order to enjoy streaming live events. But once you buy this subscription, it will never disappoint you. It opens the door to an unlimited and never ending list of upcoming and live events that users will only lost in the world created by it.

This website creates a magic of its own that a large number of users are attracted towards it everyday. This website is compatible with mobile phones also which is a useful feature for the Android users.

6. CricFree

CricFree.tv is at number six in this list. It is a super cool website in terms of its user-friendly interface and the ease with which users can surf on this website. The users can adjust the time zones as per their convenience. The full schedule of all the upcoming and currently live streaming sports events are available in the homepage of the website to save the unnecessary searching of your favorite games.

7. NewSoccer.org

NewSoccer.org is a website that can be considered as one of the most dedicated website for the soccer lovers. Whether it is a small event or a big tournament, this website provides link to all the games in the homepage or otherwise users can manually search their interested games in the Menu option. From Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A to Premier League, it has everything for sports enthusiasts.

8. Sportstream.tv

It marks its presence at number eighth in this list. It provides link to more than one server for online streaming of games so that in any circumstances any of the server becomes non – operational then users can use the other available servers. This is a unique and handy feature of it.

When you visit the website for the first time then it will ask about your age. If you are above 18 years then only it will let you enter in the website as there are many restrictions for people below the age of 18.

9. Livetv.sx

Livetv.sx provides all the latest news, live scores, video broadcasts, video highlights, results and much more for the users. The deep analysis of every game on it is much liked by many users. It has both the limited version and full version of it available for the users. But the full version is available and work smoothly on the desktop only.

10. SportP2P.com

SportP2P.com works on the concept of Peer-to-Peer technology for giving a smooth experience to the users. It is few of those websites in this field to use this technology. The content on it is designed and arranged beautifully. The content om it is refreshed on regular basis so as to provide the latest content for the users.

It was created in the year 2014 and a Alex ranking of 98775. But from the day it was created, it has only achieved greater height in its journey making it a trustworthy alternative of LiveSoccerTV.

11. Sport365.live

Sport365.live is making its way at number eleven in this list. It offers premium quality content at minimal cost. It covers all the major games played all over the globe in premium quality resolution.

It uses cookies on the website and requires permission for it. The users also have to agree to its privacy policy in order to continue surfing on this website. Other than this it is a useful alternative to LiveSoccerTV.

12. BatmanStream.com

BatmanStream.com is the next one in this list. It is a pioneer website of this field and is widely famous among a large number of users. Filters option is available for the users to easily navigate to their favorite sports event. Users can share the link of all the live streaming sports events. “Tweet” option allows the users to discuss their views and opinions among the other users.

You can also bookmark the events of your interest. All these unique and handy features suggests that it has an awesome user interface and one of the best website to watch live sports.

13. Stream2watch.co

Stream2watch.cois the home to a wide variety of games and provides a hassle free environment for streaming all your favorite events. It works smoothly on both mobile phones and desktops which is a great sign of relief for the Android users. There is no geo-blocking as all video sources are available from anywhere and anytime. The stream is available in multiple languages will gives the users a unique experience on it.

14. Atdhe.ru

Atdhe.ru is entering at number fourteen in this list. It is a buzzing name in this field of online streaming of live events among users. It has a unique feature in which it separately provides links to online streaming which has less number if ads. It is not available for UK and USA users as it is banned in these countries. However, if you are using a VPN connection then even UK and USA users can access this website.

15. WiziWig.to

WiziWig.to is the last member in this list of alternatives to LiveSoccerTV. It is an awesome and popular website with a lot of live sports even including Soccer, tennis, golf, hockey, etc. It shares the links of all the games becoming their starting. On clicking these links you are redirected to some other third party apps where you can enjoy all the latest live feed without any issue.


Sports has remained one of the most loved sources of entertainment for people around the world. But every sports event broadcasting rights are given to a particular company by taking a hefty amount of money from them. These companies generate this huge amount from their customers which buy subscriptions for watching live streaming of sports events.

But some websites provide pirated content in order to increase their users by giving them lollipops of free access to exclusive content. It causes a huge loss to the company that buys official rights for broadcasting live events. But still if you are getting something for free then who will not be excited to grab this opportunity. This list provides some of these types of websites.