What is Trisha Paytas Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, American YouTuber, social media personality, and singer-songwriter Trisha Kay Paytas, better known as Trisha Paytas, has a net worth of $10 million.

They’ve become well-known on the video-sharing platform for their eclectic mix of vlogs, music videos, and mukbangs, all of which focus on the creators’ individual lives. As an independent artist, they have been on television and in films, and their music can be found on numerous albums and singles.

Paytas’s first career choices were in the entertainment industry. They moved from Riverside to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue a job they had always dreamed of having. The Telegraph reports that Paytas tried acting and modeling but was unsuccessful, so they turned to lingerie modeling and other low-paying jobs to make ends meet.

What is Trisha Paytas Net Worth

They were featured in the 2007 season of the reality TV show Who Wants to Be a Superhero, and they were even invited to be a correspondent on The Greg Behrendt Show. Here you will find out what is trisha paytas net worth. 

Trisha Paytas Career

Trisha, who was having trouble breaking into the business, started working as a stripper to make ends meet while taking up occasional modeling jobs and appearing in foreign advertisements.

With the much-anticipated but ultimately short-lived “Greg Behrendt Show” in 2006, she made her television presenting debut. She competed in the second season of “Who Wants to Be a Superhero?” the year after that.

Later on, Trisha took an active role in the YouTube vlogging community. The first few V-logs were largely fan art and tributes to her favorite director, Quentin Tarantino. Now, what does her YouTube channel focus on primarily?

Basically, that depends on Trisha’s mood swings. Trisha’s channel contains everything a viewer could want: advise on everything from fashion and beauty to relationships, meltdowns, highly personal confessions, incredibly ridiculous banter, and naive rants.

What is Trisha Paytas’ Net Worth?

Celebrity Net Worth places Paytas’s wealth at around $10 million. Brand partnerships and endorsements contribute significantly to their revenue, but YouTube appears to be where they make the most of their money. Also, Paytas supposedly makes a cool $1,000,000 monthly through OnlyFans. A total of 680k people follow her on Instagram.

Sources of Income

Paytas’s four YouTube channels have over 6,761,000 subscribers and 1,193,054,149 billion views as of June 2022, contributing significantly to the company’s valuation of $10 million.

In addition, Paytas has its own line of items and generates a substantial amount of revenue from the promotion of this merchandise and the endorsement of brands on its channels.

Social Media

The Paytas-Hacmon Family Channel, according to SocialBlade, earns between $188 and $3,000 per month and over $2,300 to $36,000 annually, while their primary YouTube channel earns between $607 and $9,700 per month and anywhere from $7,300 to $116,500 annually.

Based on the average of $2-$3 that a marketer may be expected to pay per thousand fans, Net Worth Spot estimates that Paytas makes an estimated $2.13 million annually from their Instagram account via sponsored posts.


After the launch of OnlyFans, Paytas reportedly moved from Patreon, where they were publishing explicit content, to OnlyFans, where they have since become one of the highest-paid content creators.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, they rake in almost $1 million per month from their OnlyFans account.

Brand Endorsements

Paytas, which has over 7 million followers across all of its social media channels, makes a good living off of sponsored posts and brand collaborations. Insider recently reported that Paytas collaborated with Glow Skin Enhancement, a standalone beauty manufacturer, to announce a seven-piece skincare kit retailing for $199.

However, the listing has since been removed from the website due to Paytas’ contradictory sexual assault allegations against a middle school teacher.

Business Ventures

Paytas is the chief executive officer of their own product line, which they offer on the website sadboy-2005.myshopify.com, which has a distinct early 2000s feel throughout.

In addition to building a successful business, Paytas has published eleven books, the most recent of which, “101 Poems About My Ex-Boyfriend,” has been met with widespread acclaim on Amazon.

Acting Career

Although specifics of any contracts are unknown, Paytas has participated in a number of television shows and music videos that have contributed to their $10 million net worth.

Musical Profession

According to TubeFilter, indie musician Paytas has released a total of nine albums and has toured the United States as the headline act on a tour titled The Heartbreak Tour.

Is Trisha Paytas Married?

To the Israeli artist Moses Hacmon, Paytas has been married since 2021. His dedication to the study of water led to the discovery of a method for photographing submerged shapes.

According to his website, his debut project, titled Faces of Water, showcased his ability to photographically record the illusive shapes of water in 2013. The two of them met in 2020, and they just had their first child together.


She has become wealthy through a combination of YouTube advertisements, endorsement partnerships, OnlyFans memberships, property investments, and paid guest appearances at various events. Despite her often divisive nature, Trisha Paytas’s commercial savvy and dedication are undeniable.

She has amassed a massive online following across several channels, and her popularity and wealth only seem to be rising from here. Hope now you know what is trisha paytas net worth.