H.C. Kuo Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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The “Goddess of Weightlifting” brought Taiwan its first Olympic gold in the sport of weightlifting. for more Information about the H.C. Kuo Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Continue reading out article below.

H.C. Kuo Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

H.C. Kuo Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: H.C. Kuo Goddess of Weightlifting

In the women’s 59-kilogram weightlifting competition on Tuesday, Kuo Hsing-chun was unstoppable, breaking two Olympic records in the snatch (103 kilogrammes) and the clean and jerk (133 kilogrammes) and creating a new world record in the total (365 kilogrammes) (236kg).

Silver went to Polina Guryeva of Turkmenistan with a total of 217 kilogrammes, and bronze went to Mikiko Andoh of Japan with a total of 214 kilogrammes.

H.C. Kuo Lifts in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk of Any Competitor.

H.C. Kuo, at age 27, had the highest initial lifts in the snatch and clean and jerk of any competitor.

H.C. Kuo got the opportunity to try lifting 141 kg in an effort to shatter her clean and jerk world record of 140 kilogrammes, but she collapsed to the ground after failing to finish with a spectacular thud.

Even though she had just finished in third place in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, H.C. Kuo had every reason to be happy.

I was fighting against myself, and I wanted to set a new world record,” H.C. Kuo explained to the press. “Today’s Olympic gold medal is the final piece of the puzzle, and I couldn’t be happier.”

I’m going to keep going with my sports career,” she clarified. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Asian competition. I’m looking forward to the next Olympics with the hopes of winning yet another medal.

H.C. Kuo Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Last Words

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