How Many Sinister Movies Are There

Fans of the horror genre are likely familiar with the Sinister film series. Did you know that Cristopher R. Cargill’s original Sinister screenplay was based on a nightmare he had after seeing the 2002 film The Ring?

Listen up, because it gets crazier from here. Reviewers were generally enthusiastic after the October 2012 release of the first Sinister film, singling out the film’s photography and atmospherics as particular highlights.

Critics condemned the flicks for using tired horror tropes and cheap jump scares, although they complimented the pictures for their resemblance to authentic snuff films. This article will examine the Sinister film series and analyze how many sinister movies are there. If you want to know every gruesome detail, read on!

How Many Sinister Movies Are There

What Is the Best Way to Watch Sinister Movies?

The Sinister films should be seen in chronological order. While it’s true that many horror films, including these, can be enjoyed out of order. We recommend seeing the Sinister films in the order in which they were originally released.

And here’s why: It has been widely agreed upon by Reddit users and professional reviewers that the original Sinister film is superior. The fact that Penny Dreadful heartthrob Ethan Hawke appears in the first film may be enough to get some people to check it out.

While it’s true that you should watch the films in order of their release dates, it’s unfortunate that the sequel is often regarded as being less unique and, overall, more predictable.

Sinister 2 has been labeled a “franchise killer” by certain viewers. Also, the mythology surrounding the evil spirit named Bughuul is developed throughout the film’s prelude. Now let’s find out how many sinister movies are there. 

How Many Sinister Movies are There

Not much, to be honest. Only two Sinister movies have been shown thus yet. Both in 2012 and 2015, with the latter serving as a sequel to the former. While the first film in the series was well received, the second was met with mixed reviews.

Because fans felt it relied too heavily on cheap scares and shock value rather than a tightly written, gripping story. List of Scary Movies, Ranked by Their Premiere Dates

Sinister (2012)

Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill’s Sinister, a supernatural horror film, achieved widespread recognition thanks in large part to their groundbreaking use of film camera techniques (Super 8 camera).

In the prologue, we meet Ellison Oswalt, a failed true crime author who, upon settling into a new home with his family, discovers a box of Super 8 home movies. What first appears to be a nice and harmless scene is revealed to be the beginning of a homicidal iceberg.

The recovered films portray gruesome murders of innocent family members at the hands of a demonic entity known as Bughuul. The film’s $87.7 million in earnings attest to its widespread appeal, which was helped along by its abundance of innovative technological elements and fascinating backstory.

Sinister (II) (2015)

The protagonist of the sequel, an ex-deputy, is obsessed with ending the curse of the Bughuul, even as he and the family he once protected from the creature continue to terrorize a new set of victims.

Fans and journalists alike enjoyed the first Sinister film, but the sequel has gotten mostly unfavorable reviews due to its lack of originality and, more specifically, its “terrible child performers” and predictable jump scares.

Interesting Sinister Trivia

The plots of the Sinister films are certainly intriguing, but the films’ bloopers and other bits of trivia are often more entertaining. Robert Cargill claims that filming the snuff films included in Sinister I was particularly challenging.

Since the cast and crew had to be extra cautious to ensure that no one was harmed during production. The actors portraying the doomed family, for instance, were actually subjected to being dragged underwater while chained to their chairs.

Several of the performers actually were hanged and choked because of a mistake made during the scene’s preparation. Yet, you need not fear; everyone made it. Soon after, the coordinator was also let go.


The supernatural horror film Sinister, directed by Scott Derrickson, premiered in 2012 and was an instant sensation. After the success of the first film, Blumhouse Productions immediately began work on a sequel, which premiered in the summer of 2015.

Sinister 2 did not perform as well as the corporation had hoped, likely due to the popularity of the firm’s other horror film series including The Conjuring, Paranormal Activity, and Insidious.

The movie’ idea hinted at its potential to grow into a successful franchise on par with the others. Despite the passage of five years, there has been no third Sinister film. Hope now you know how many sinister movies are there.