What is the Too Loud Challenge

One of the many challenges/trends that have made TikTok famous is the “Too Loud” Challenge. TikTok has been one of the most popular social media apps for the past several years. The video app quietly emerged in 2017.

Nonetheless, it only took a few years for it to rack up a billion downloads by early 2019. And since then, it’s fame has only grown. TikTok keeps expanding with new features and more users, and it has no plans to disappear anytime soon.

What is the Too Loud Challenge

What is the Too Loud Challenge on TikTok?

The Too Loud Challenge may sound like a shouting competition, but it’s actually just a dancing craze in which participants twerk on camera to a song that contains the words “too loud.”

Although the target demographic is clearly female, there are videos of children dancing to the tune. Because of how easy it is to participate in the fad, it has swiftly gone viral on TikTok.

What is the Viral Song Behind the Trend?

The song at the center of this craze, like many songs that become viral on TikTok, is not particularly well-known. As “It’s Getting Too Loud” by Louse Ray has become increasingly popular, so has the curiosity around the identity of the song’s mysterious rap artist.

Someone on Twitter speculated that a rapper from Detroit was responsible for the “very loud” song. That forecast, it turns out, was dead on. More than 140,000 people follow Michigan rapper Louie Ray on Instagram, and he has over 60,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Even though Louie’s work has garnered praise in the past, it appears that he is still very much a rising creative force. It was only recently, though, that one of his songs became a TikTok phenomenon.

Louie seems pleased with the success of his song, as he has shared several of his personal favorite videos that were included in the challenge. Many people still don’t know who Louie is, but they adore his song and acknowledge that it’s been stuck in their heads despite their lack of knowledge. This is evident from the song’s reception on social media. Now let’s find out what is the too loud challenge.

How To Find The Too Loud Challenge On TikTok

The Too Loud Challenge can be located in the same manner as any other challenge in the app. Launch TikTok from your app drawer and look for “too loud challenge” using the app’s search bar. TikTok videos that include the hashtag “#tooloudchallenge” are displayed here.

By default, the most popular videos will appear on the search results page. Underneath the search field is a button labeled “Hashtags,” which you can use to view all of the trending terms that are part of the challenge. Popular hashtags include “#tooloudchallenge” (33.4M views) and “#tooloud” (120.6M views) at the time of writing.

The Song Behind the TikTok Dance Trend

Most consumers of the short video platform, as is the case with most viral dance movements, are unfamiliar with the real music and its artist. A Twitter user’s wild guess, though, came close.

It’s Getting Too Loud, a song by Louie Ray (who is from Michigan) is at the center of the craze. Ray is a famous rap artist with 60,000 YouTube subscribers and 150,000 Instagram followers.

Complex magazine called Ray one of the “most quotable new musicians emerging from Michigan in 2020,” despite the fact that he is still a rising star in the music industry. The rapper has received numerous glowing praises for his work. It appears that his fame and career will continue to soar in tandem with the success of his viral song.

The rapper also shared a brief compilation on Wednesday that featured the work of several other artists who had accepted the “Too Loud” challenge. Although the trend itself may fade quickly (TikTok fads are notoriously fleeting), the exposure that it has brought to Ray’s music will have a far longer shelf life.


It’s impossible to tell how long the Too Loud Challenge will last because it’s a TikTok challenge. Although it is currently enjoying widespread acclaim, its days as the dominant social media platform on TikTok are numbered.

But, this is precisely what makes TikTok so engaging.  Now it’s the what is the too loud challenge, tomorrow it’ll be something else, and the day after that, something else entirely.