Z.D. Fan Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Both Ma Long and Z.D. Fan had won under intense duress before, and they were familiar with one other’s games thanks to their long and heated rivalry. Thus, it was not unexpected that the two world-class athletes would put on another magnificent performance.

Z.D. Fan Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Z.D. Fan Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Z.D. Fan dropped the first seven points of the match and quickly found himself down a game in an otherwise fascinating contest. A much more dominant performance in game two allowed him to quickly even the score.

The score was tied at one game apiece, but Z.D. Fan knew he needed a miracle to beat Ma in the next three games. Z.D. Fan fought valiantly to the very end, cutting the deficit to a single game, but it wasn’t enough, as Ma booked his destiny in mesmerising fashion (11-4, 10-12, 11-8, 11-9, 3-11, 11-7).

I believe Z.D. Fan and I were successful in our efforts to make this an All-China championship match. Now that we have renewed focus, the Team is committed to winning the gold medal once again.

Today, I relaxed and did not put undue stress on myself. Get out there and give it your all.

You should capitalise on your opponent’s errors. Yes, I accomplished all of that today. Playing against a strong player like Z.D. Fan requires peak performance because mistakes can quickly add up.

Z.D. Fan Previous Successes

My previous successes on the world’s largest stages, like the Olympics, may have given me the upper hand today. We need to get back together before the big Team event because it’s no longer just about us. We have to use our collective skills and stick to the strategy. It’s flattering to see so many positive comments made about me.

If I get the chance, I hope to keep playing table tennis for the rest of my life. I appreciate the love and support of my family and teammates throughout the years. remarked Ma Long

As a result of his triumph, Ma Long has established a new benchmark. Having previously won the Men’s Singles event at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, he now holds the record as the sport’s first two-time Olympic champion.

With his 2012 and 2016 Men’s Team victories, Ma already has four gold medals from the Olympics, and he has a good chance to add a fifth before the end of Tokyo 2020, when Team China is the heavy favourite in the forthcoming Team event.

China has dominated table tennis since its Olympic debut in Seoul in 1988, when it has won 30 gold medals across all table tennis events.

Last Words

Z.D. Fan, who was hoping to win gold, had to settle for second place. Even though he didn’t win gold, he had a great Olympic debut.

After a thrilling seven-game encounter against Lin Yun-Ju of Chinese Taipei, in which Ovtcharov saved four match points, the German was declared the bronze medal winner in men’s singles (13-11, 9-11, 6-11, 11-4, 4-11, 15-13, 11-7).